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"7 Ways to Maximize Your Exposure With Ezine Articles"

By Jessica Albon
Posted Saturday, October 23, 2004

Looking for a quick way to double or triple your publicity? Here are seven ideas for reusing every article you write.
Are you writing articles for your monthly newsletter only to publish them once and never use them again? Successful writers resell their articles multiple times for maximum exposure. Why don't you maximize your exposure, and put those articles to work for you by exploring your reprint options.

Reprint them on your website. This will help you build a substantial content base. Your website can also provide the perfect place to expand your articles or provide links to further resources.

Get them published. Does your industry have a regular newsletter that might want to use some of your articles? What about consumer publications? Do any come to mind that might be interested in a piece you’ve written?

Offer to let others reprint them. Say you’re an insurance agent with lots of articles about auto insurance. Offer to let a local car lot reprint your articles on their website or in their newsletter. Be sure to include your copyright notice, a brief bio and contact info!

Put copies in your publicity package. When you’re filling a request for info, pull relevant newsletter articles for inclusion. You might also want to include information on how the recipient can subscribe.

Send them to networking contacts. If you’re a caterer and you’ve written an article on planning parties for healthy eaters, share the article with a nutritionist or trainer you know.

Use them to spark press releases. Did a new industry development lead you to do a couple of hours of research and writing for an article? Consider that development’s newsworthiness. Might it make a story? Try turning it into a press release for local media outlets and provide your newsletter article as an example of your approach.

Republish a selection as a booklet. Gather articles that seem complimentary and publish them as a pamphlet. You can distribute this selection free as a special promotion or offer it for sale. Either way, be sure it addresses a specific customer for maximum impact.

Put your articles to work and watch the impact of your newsletter grow exponentially!

About the Author
At The Write Exposure, Jessica Albon helps companies attract and retain customers with powerful newsletters. At ( they reveal the secrets behind newsletter success.


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