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A Mailing List, Now What?

By John Olson
Posted Saturday, October 30, 2004

We all know the Importance of building a Mailing List.

However you do it, building a Mailing List and using it is the single best way for you to get a head. To get people to join the programs you are in.

But, once you have a mailing list, Now What do you do with it?

The Answer…

Be yourself…

That's right, just Be Yourself…

Don't just send them ad after ad. Tell them who you are.

What is this business we are all in?

What is one of the names we call it?

Network Marketing.

And what does Network Marketing Mean?

It means working with a Network of People and sharing want you have found. Reaching, Together for the Gold Ring.

In the old days of Network Marketing, when we still called it MLM, Multi-Level Marketing, we were told to make a List of all of our friends, relatives and anyone else we could think of. And then work on presenting our Program to them, or Dragging them to some Opportunity Meeting where some other people who fill their heads with Dreams of Making Lots of Money.

When they signed up, they were told to do the same thing, make that list and get people to those meetings.

Then things moved on, and local Meetings didn't work for the friends and relatives who lived across country or in other countries. So, the meetings went out over the Phone. Just call a long distance number at a certain time, put in a code, and Wham, there you and your contacts are, in a Meeting.

Meetings were not the only way to introduce people and get them to join something, enter the Three-way call. Just ring up some poor friend or Lead and get them talking, then Three-way them over to your upline who took over and did the selling for you. Oh, they don't call it selling, they say they are just answering questions. But you and I know, it's selling.

And Now we have the Internet. Hard to do meetings, when some of the people are in other countries, other time zones. Harder still to get them on the Phone.

So, what do we do? We run ads, we submit to Search Engines we join Safelists, Hit Exchanges, Post to Message Boards, Build Websites and submit them to Search Engines and anything else we can find to get people to look at our Program.

Well, we all know how hard that can be. We need something to put the Personal touch into the impersonal Web.

That is why I tell you to Build that Mailing list. It gives you a way to be personal with people you hope will find something in what you are offering.

We can write every week, and let all these people in on what we think. We are really making friends. And it's that what old Time MLM people told you to go to too introduce your programs to? Friends…

As you write to your list, write a bit of yourself. If it's been a bad day, or the car died, or the Sun finally came out after a month behind the clouds, those kind of everyday things are things you can write a little about.

Think of the people you are writing to as your friends. Because, they are. Be Yourself… You don't have to write Super Marketing pieces, you can just tell them about what is going on in your life. Try and keep it at least interesting, but let them in on your life.

Is there a fun family soap opera going on you could write about? If uncle Bob, still trying to catch that squirrel that's been chewing up the garden? How's the new job your daughter just got going?

You can even talk about great family trips you've taken. Anything that you would write to your best friend about, you can write to your mailing list about. And of course, you will keep them up to date on what is going on with your Program.

The Internet is or can be So Impersonal, but with a mailing list, you can drive some personal back into it.

When people get to know you, when they get to trust you, then they will join with you in your programs. It's that simple.

Build that Trust with the people on your Mailing List, and they will follow your lead….

Written by John Olson Owner and Webmaster ( (
(c) Copyright, 2003
Reprint rights available with this Signature only.

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