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An Autoresponder? But I Can't Write!

By Jullieanne Whitney
Posted Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Today's competitive marketing requires more ...
Today's competitive marketing requires more than placing a few ads here and there! To unleash the full potential of your marketing strategy, you really should consider the power of autoresponders.

Think about that.

Would you rather have one shot at grabbing a potential customer or several?

Yes, that's what I thought. Internet marketing requires more than a link to a website and a few ads. Sure, you'll still get responses, but imagine how much time and effort you can save by putting together a fully automated system that can promote for you, 24 hours a day!

Creating a powerful autoresponder sequence is not that hard to do. It's really all about explaining your product or service, in a series of messages that will entice your potential client over and over again. The key is to keep it interesting, and to always include benefits as to how the product/service will benefit them.

Every message you create in your autoresponder should be different. But where do you start?

First, set your first autoresponder message to send out a welcome notice to the person that subscribes. You may also include your first series of messages in that welcome email. Explain what kind of information your new subscriber can expect to receive over the next few days/weeks.

Next, ask yourself the same questions that YOU would ask if you were first approached about the opportunity or service. For example:

First Message: talks about what the product or service is and how you can get more information about it.

Second Message: talks about how this product or service can benefit them, listing multiple reasons why it would be beneficial to join/buy.

Third Message: talks about real testimonies from people who are already using the product/service, and how easily you can get started doing the same.

Always provide your contact information in the event that your potential client has more questions or concerns. This also helps by telling them that you are a real person! It also shows you're a smart person who knows the value of an autoresponder!

Also, it doesn't take a genius to write your copies. Forget about talking a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo techie garble. Tell it like it is. As if you were talking to your friend or family member. Make it come from the heart and let your personality shine through. This shouldn't be difficult, after all, if you are excited about the product or opportunity... you have plenty to tell about it right?

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Using your autoresponder can also be used to form your own ezine or newsletter. Imagine creating a huge database of Subscribers who learn more about you, and learn to trust your expertise!

About the Author
Jullieanne Whitney, Publisher of Popular Marketing Ezine, Owner of Ezines-R-Us Directory ( Free eCourse: "How to Improve your Ad Campaign"


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