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Back End Marketing Your Way To Riches

By Phil Graham
Posted Wednesday, October 27, 2004

This article will show you how to produce massive profits from marketing on the back end. It will give you some concrete examples and strategies you can use to successfully implement this in your business.
Everyone has a BACK END, Don’t They?

Well, the answer is a resounding NO! A good portion of the businesses out there have no back end which effectively reduces the amount of money they make by 75% or even more. In fact, a business without a back end is a business that is set up to fail.

What is a BACK END?

Simply put, a back end is something more than a 1 time sale. It can be another product or a program that guarantees longer usage of the main product.

Let me give you a great example. There is a Beauty Salon that I worked with who consistently demonstrates the effectiveness of having a BACK END. When a client comes in to get their hair done, the hair dresser politely suggests different hair care products that can be used to keep that hair looking salon fresh every day, To make a long story short, this Beauty Salon’s BACK END (hair care products) generate 45% of the Salon’s profit! In other words, almost half of their business is based on their BACK END.

3 Different ways to create and use a BACK END

1. FIND a service or product that compliments yours and license the right to sell it and use an up-sell at the point of sale.

2. CREATE a BACK END product that compliments your product. I know of a vitamin retailer who created a 2 hour health seminar on tape that he was effectively able to offer to every customer who came in and bought vitamins. The net result was a massive increase in profit because of his seminar on tape.

3. PACKAGE SELL. If you normally sell once a year to your customer can you package a deal where they buy 2 or 3 times a year from you automatically?

There are so many exciting possibilities when you decide to focus on BACK END selling and there are thousands of ways to do it, just make sure you TEST it and continue to focus on creating revenue on the back end.

About the Author
Phil Graham is a Jay Abraham Protégé who offers Marketing Products and Consulting that EXPLODES PROFITS FAST! Phil shares cutting edge strategies that work, without the fluff. To sign up for our FREE Marketing Tips Newsletter, simply visit: (


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