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Business Success Secrets

By George Papazoglou
Posted Monday, October 18, 2004

That's right... I can guarantee that your business will be a success with a marketing plan, but what I cannot determine is the volume of your success.

What if you had the exact marketing parameters to "magnetizing" customers and all you had to do was to just supply the answers?

I'm sure that your subconscious already knows all the answers to creating an avalanche of wealth in predicted time, and all you have to do is to...

All you need to launch a successful business is to consciously oppose to your self the right questions! If you can ask your self the *right* questions, you have great chances to supplying the "closer-to-perfection" answers!

For example highly successful Private Investigators, Interrogators and of course businessmen know that in order to solve-out a puzzle, all they have to do is to go up against the right questions!

In the exemplar of a businessman, the "Interrogating Hierarchy", is a marketing plan. Before materializing a marketing plan, we should identify the various segments of your product or service, and spot the specific areas which characterizes your target market.

A marketing plan with the right structure and variables has been the cornerstone of all highly successful businesses which we stumble upon on a daily basis.

Modern and savvy entrepreneurs always develop a strategic marketing plan, before registering their next domain name -- before launching any scheme or project.

Once a marketing plan has been developed, you'll directly know:

* Exactly which is the profile of your future customers.
* How your customers will react to your promotions.
* Who are your competitors and which are their weaknesses!

...and all the rest of the critical elements that you can rightly take advantage by answering the *right questions*.

George Papazoglou is the man behind the (

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