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Discover How To Rank No. 1 on Yahoo And Google Without Spending A Dime

By Shahnaz Rauf
Posted Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Yes friends I finally made it!

Go to or and type `viral ebooks` in the search box. Out of 5940 results my site ( is at No.1, Similarly,

- For `customizable viral ebooks` it is no. 1;

- For `customizable ebooks with resell rights` it is No.2;

- For `free customizable ebooks` it is No. 4 on Yahoo;

- For `customizable ebooks` one of my articles published on another site comes in No.5, my own site is at No. 11;

- And for the very popular search term `resell rights` out of 99400 results, my site is at No.279 on Yahoo (I have noticed traffic coming even from my 279 position!)

Though the full impact is yet to be seen. It happened without spending a single dime- in fact without any conscious plan on my part. The power of the sub-conscious perhaps?

For your benefit I am revealing the exact steps I took and you can to. Just keep in mind this is not a magic potion. Don’t look for overnight results:

1. Your Keywords – You may re-read my articles on keywords available at:
( though the bare essentials are:

- Select descriptive keywords for example I went for `viral ebooks` instead of just ebooks;

- Use your main keyword as your page title – ie the name with which you save your page on your html editor – if you are using MS Front Page, or insert the title in your meta tags;

- Use your main keywords in your headings;

- Write a descriptive text using a sensible sprinkling of your keywords.

2. To submit my site to all the major search engines, I use the world submitter facility. This not only includes a free submission to Yahoo and Google but a whole lot more. Here if you want to avoid the FFA sites they include in their free submission (this gives you a lot of junk mail that may get your email account down)- you may upgrade for a very small fee and use the search engine submission only- well worth the try... (

3. About 8 weeks later hand submit your site to Google ...Here you just need to fill in your web site address and click submit at (

4. Another 6-8 weeks and go back to world submitter– keep repeating the cycle.

5. Go Viral – This is an absolute must – the true potential here yet remains to be realized. Those of you who have been overlooking this powerful cheap advertising tactic right under your nose – My God... JUMP IN RIGHT NOW!

This way you spread your links both horizontally and vertically. Your link popularity will increase and the search engines will find you through other sites linking to you. How you do this:

- Write articles- these invariably get published and your links start floating around. One of my articles published on another site is ranking No.5 on Yahoo right now.

- The second most effective technique is to give away your own viral ebooks – these will serve not only as your very own ebusiness cards but also help spread your links. And you can be assured of free highly targeted traffic for a long time to come.

About the Author
Shahnaz Rauf is The Editor of The Monster Twister– a Newsletter committed to finding cheap practical marketing solutions. She is also a strong advocate of viral marketing and a believer in subconscious power. Her ebooks and articles are freely available at (


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