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Do Popups Work?

By Jeff Stephenson
Posted Thursday, October 28, 2004

Popups work and have worked well. Now popup blockers have gained increased attention. What will happen when popups lose their effectiveness?
Do Popups Work?

Do popups work? You hear the question everywhere you go online, do popups work?

From some sources ,the news sounds dire. It would seem popups are dying a slow agonizing death.

A lot of people, maybe even you, are tired of popups. They are annoying and a nuisance. They clutter your desktop and cause you to have to work to clean them up.

But, if you listen to the experts, they say popups work. In fact, many recommend you use popups.

They can quote all kinds of stats to back up their recommendations. And if you listen, it would seem there is a lot of evidence to backup the claim that popups work.

So the question is, are they right?

Yes, popups still work. Online advertisers served 11.3 billion popup and popunder ad impressions in the first seven months of 2002.(Yes, you read that right, that was billion with a "b").

About 58% of the ads were used to drive traffic. 28% were aimed at boosting sales through the use of incentives. 13% were used to build brand awareness.

Popups have been a great internet innovation. They've done exactly what they were designed to do. They create interest and cause users to click through...exactly what marketers want. Someone to click through to what they have to show them next.

Popups still have click through rates almost twice as high as banner ads. In fact popups are among the most effective of the advertising formats.

Internet marketers can use popups for many varied things. Subscribe requests, provide additional information, create sales through the use of incentives, or even take polls.

However, I would say the most common uses are to ask for ezine subscriptions or to make a last ditch sales offer. And popups work brilliantly in these two areas.

Studies have shown that the use of popups can increase opt-in rates for ezines by more than 525%. Other studies have shown popups to increase web sales by as much as 310%.

With numbers like that, can there be any doubt that popups work? I don't see how...

until you do a search for popup blocker.

Oops, now what? Looks like popup blockers are one of the biggest growth industries online. What does this say about the effectiveness of popups?

Well, if, web users are willing to pay money in order to have popup free surfing. It tells me popups are beginning to lose their effectiveness.

What happens when popups become totally ineffective? Internet marketers will lose some of their income producing abilities. They will have to work harder at what they do to produce the same income they enjoy now.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?

One thing to look forward to though, is the fact that online, things change rapidly. Even as popups are dying, something new will come along to replace them.

A great new innovation that will make popups as we know them obsolete. Then your marketing will reach heights you never thought possible.

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