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Elite Affiliate Programs

By Rob MacCurry
Posted Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Which affilaite programs are reliable and most importantly pay on time. Which ones provide comprehensive marketing tools and products that are valuable? Elite Affiliate Programs

Superystems!Says! Profit! (

Affiliate programs can be a great source of multiple income streams, even residual income. But where can you find programs that are reliable, easy to join and have up to date affiliate marketing tools?

Oh, and of course they must pay on time. I am sure that you've seen your inbox bombarded with pie in the sky, get rich quick schemes, and outright scams every day.

You may have even successfully promoted such a program, only to see them disappear like mist in the morning sun.

Along with your commissions.

Well I've done a lot of research on this, and I have narrowed the field down to four sites. Some of them offer only digital products, some sell "real" products such as consumer lectronics, even Dell and Gateway computers. But they all offer genuine products and services of real value to the consumer. They all provide great marketing tools and yes, they all pay on time.

My personal experience with the following sites leads me to recommend them:

Share A Sale offers on-line business opportunities, CDs, contest and joke sites, and much more. And some programs pay up to $100 per sale. Every kind of affiliate program under the sun can be found at Share A Sale. I found so many new money making resources my head was spinning.

For the webmaster's benefit:

Share A Sale has many pay per lead and pay per click programs. If you drive any kind of traffic at all, its awesome to get paid for people just clicking on a link from your site!

Another benefit to you:

Most merchants automatically approve, so you can start earning instantly. And most of the merchants provide a respectable group of banners, text links, and pop ups.

My goodness! You can even make money referring online role playing gamers to great game sites such as Alien Adoption Agency.! (That one's a hoot, I played it the other day and got a real kick out of it.)

Check out Share A Sale today at (


LinkShare is an e-commerce business solution for over 3.5 million online relationships. Become an affiliate of the LinkShare Network for FREE and earn revenue by linking to over 500 premier online merchants.

LinkShare is the #1 pay per performance site in the world. I like it because it offers well known brand name products that I am proud to highlight in my mailings and on my site. AT&T, BatteriesDotCom, H&R Block, whatever niche your site serves, LinkShare has a merchant you'll be proud to link to.

If your site caters to consumers you owe it to yourself to check out: (

1st Promotion

1st Promotion is an Internet mall that has over 11,400 dynamic digital products you can sell instantly. Like the other programs, there is no need for a merchant account, you do no customer service, no inventory. And guess what?

Practically 100% of the products sold through the 1st Promotion storefront have affiliate programs too! So in effect you have the possibility of 11,400 multiple income streams at your fingertips.

Now unlike LinkShare, and Share A Sale, there is an annual fee to join 1st Promotion. But let me tell you, it was the best $49 bucks I ever spent. I am selling ClickBank products I never even heard of and never actively promoted.

As an example, the SuperSystems!Says! main site is about internet marketing, but the other day I got a sale for a dieting program! Hey I'll take it! Wouldn't you?

Of course you can join ClickBank for free, as a matter of fact I recommend it. You will need a ClickBank nickname to plug into your 1stPromotion storefront, should you choose to purchase one.

You can join ClickBank here: (

But the ClickBank interface is not very shopper friendly. That's why I like the 1st Promotion storefront. It's searchable, categorized, and very very easy to navigate.


Higher Response Marketing

Unlike the previous three sites we have been looking over, Marlon Sanders' Higher Response Marketing only offers slightly more than a dozen products. But my niche is marketing and promotion, so I really like the useful value of the products and programs that Marlon Sanders sells.

And Higher Response Marketing provides more tools and resources for the affiliate marketer than I have ever seen.

Q&A's, Popups and Popunders, Html one page ads that redirect back to your home page. Text ads, HTML email ads,404 error pages, all with your affiliate link inserted automatically.

Marlon's Higher Response Marketing will even do followup for you. If you send a visitor to his site and they sign up for his newsletter, Marlon tracks the visitor's traffic through a cookie, and if they buy anything in the future, you get your commission. Also, there is residual income and sub-affiliate income too.

The value of the products, the richness of the marketing tools, the cookie tracking, as well as the residual and sub-affiliate income:

These are the reason we include Higher Response Marketing in our group of Elite Affiliate Programs.


Rob MacCurry has over thirty years experience in marketing, mostly in the English Equestrian business Subscribe to his newsletter SuperSystems!Says!Profit Ezine Or visit (

About the Author
Rob MacCurry is a veteran marketing specialist mostly in the English Equestrian business ( SuperSystems!Says! newsletter


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