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"Ezine Ad Swaps...Evolutionized!!"

By Chris Wright
Posted Thursday, October 14, 2004

Ezine Swaps...Reborn!
Fact: Make no mistake...ezine ad swaps are powerful FREE promotional vehicles.

Fact: Offering free ads to subscribers WAS a effective way to increase your subscriber base.

People...times have changed!

Ezine swaps are still very effective. The problem is keeping track of all the different swaps you make...and yes I'm aware of the 'pro tracker' software everyone uses. There's nothing wrong with using the program. But what if you could have your swaps done for you...would you be interested? Hold that thought, I'll come back to it.

The Problem

As I said, 'Free-Ads-For-Subscribers' type programs WERE once effective. The problem was like a double edge sword. As a subscriber, you were required to sign up with MANY newsletters to have your ad ran. Your ad may not run for several weeks and remember you signed up with a lot of ezines to get those free ads. This resulted in your email being filled with ezines you probably don't even read. So what did you do...delete...delete! You just hope and prey that your ad runs when the publisher says it does...then you're ghost! Gone!

We publishers didn't have a walk in the park either! Most of the time you were required to add these members manually...a headache! We had to schedule the ads and make sure the members were actually STILL members. Your list count would rise and fall and be more volatile than the stock market. For me, the effort didn't justifiy the results. There had to be a better way!

The Solution

Some of you may not remember this...the Reeses PeanutButter Cup commercial. The commercial had two people walking on different sides of a building. One was eating a chocolate bar and the other peanutbutter. As they both reach the corner, BAM!...they run right into each other. The chocolate and peanutbutter is combined and Reeses is born.

Well, this is the same effect created when I combined ezine swaps with the 'free-ads-for-subscriber' theory.

In today's Internet world, time is a precious commodity. You can accomplish this yourself at a considerable amount of spent time. You can search out different newsletters (making sure they're business related) and inquire as to whether they're interested in doing an ezine ad swap. STOP! That's the hard way. An easier way is to join the following ezine newsletters or visit their sites. These resources will lead you to many newsletters that are actively seeking swaps.

( w/contact info; target audience; number of subscribers.
( comes w/contact info; target audience; member count
( name; contact email; no member count
( to above
( articles concerning swapping.

These should put you in contact with 100's of ezines to begin your quest. Unfortunately, if still you wanted to obtain free ads, you would still have to sign up with dozens of ezines. This is probably the ultimate time waster. You can never be sure when or even if your ad will ever run. Yes, you could simply check the newsletter on the dates your ads are supposed to run. The problem is that your ad may be weeks away from running. Meanwhile, you've joined 12 ezines, some of which may publish 2-3 per week. Some may even be a daily newsletter. I know that you just can't wait to spend hours deleting the tons of email you'll be getting.

Now, there is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Subscribers don't have to worry about signing up with dozens of ezines just to get a free ad. No longer will your email box be full of newsletters that you may or may not read.

Ezine owners also come out smelling like a rose, as far as doing swaps is concerned. Now, you don't have to spend your time searching out appropiate ezines to swap with. You don't have to try to cram your newsletter with different swaps. What's the solution?...

There is a new service that has combined ezine swaps with 'free-ads-for-subscribers'. Take a look....


Just sign up...and you're ready! Then promote your affiliate link. Your link will allow people to sign up with different ezines and email courses. Each subscription you acquire entitles you to 100 impressions. Once you accumulate 1,000 get your free ad! That means recruiting only 10 sign-ups will allow you to your 'hands free' ad swapping.

Where will these swaps come from?

Firstly, they will come from their ezines and/or websites. They have also cultivated key relations with other marketing/home business newsletters. They'll be able to provide up to 100,000 impressions per month for any affiliate. If more are needed, arrangements can be made to handle the overload. Affiliates have up-to-minute stats available. You will be emailed at the end of every month with a statement of how many recruits you aquired and any ads due to you. You will also receive an email with details on redeeming your credits.

I'm sure they will want to help you as much as possible. Why? Because when you're successful...they're successful!! You'll also have access to articles that you can use in your promotions. Just replace their link with your own affiliate link.

As the Internet continues to mature, so does the techniques and tactics needed to market on it (the Internet). This new combination is just a part of ezine marketing's evolution.

"Ezine AdSwaps...Evolutionized..."
"Free Ads...Without Joining Dozens of Ezines!!"
Christopher Wright

About the Author
Christopher Wright is owner/webmaster of New Innovations (, an Internet guerrilla marketing consultantcy. They help 'netrepreneurs' establish a successful Internet presence.


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