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Force Visitors To Click Your Links Using The “Car Wreck RubberNeck

By Grady Smith
Posted Friday, October 29, 2004

Imagine having the power over your visitors to actually force them to click links, even if they don’t really want to. Think about asking a friend to try NOT to click a link and watch as they fight it but finally fold and .... Imagine having the power over your visitors to actually force them to click links, even if they don’t really want to. Think about asking a friend to try NOT to click a link and watch as they fight it but finally fold and click it. That’s power, and something well within your means.

In a moment I’m going to teach you this little “trick”. But first, I want to explain the many uses of having a link that’s so incredibly desirable that it gets clicks like crazy.

Using this technique you can bring lots more traffic to your website with every classified and solo ad you create.

You can also get more clicks on your home page, meaning you can promote affiliate programs and really send some strong traffic through your link.

In fact, you can literally guide people around your website, having them click the links you want, and land on the webpages you select.

So you might wonder why a technique for creating clickable links is called the “Car Wreck Rubberneck” Technique. Let me explain…

Surely you’ve been on the highway and been slowed down by a car wreck. You begin to think that the highway has been reduced to a single lane because of the rate which traffic is flowing. But when you get to the accident scene you notice that the wreck is actually off the highway, in a field beside it, and it shouldn’t affect the flow of traffic at all.

Or should it?

Even though the wreck is well off the highway, people are stopping to catch a look. And even though you don’t want to, you find yourself slowing as you pass, your head rotating to catch a quick peek. It’s almost like an invisible hand is turning our head. We are completely out of control and can’t resist taking a quick look.

Now think about this…

Rubbernecking is, I believe, a universal phenomenon that no one is immune to. I often look at other drivers (after quickly taking a look at the wreck); to see how many are also staring out their window. And I find that every car is slowing and looking.

Now by using the idea that humans have to see the unusual, and are driven by curiosity of the unknown, I’ve tried a technique to increase the clicks for my links.

What I’ve found is people want to see stuff that’s going to shock them. They want to see the biggest, the best, and the ugliest. It’s this desire that powered the freak shows traveling the countryside. Folks were willing to pay good money to be shocked silly, or to see something strange.

By promising a little shock value or offering something most haven’t seen before, you can dramatically increase clickthroughs.

For instance, if I created a link that said, “Click here and see the most horrific and shocking picture EVER taken and banned internationally!” you bet you’d be clicking like crazy!!

Of course, if I use a link like that I’d better follow through. Getting clicks through your links does little good -- and actually makes people mad -- unless it’s delivering on the promise.

Still, you can use this technique to make links clickable AND deliver what you’ve promised.

For instance, let’s say you do website design. Using curiosity as a motivator you could create a link that says, “Click here for 5 of the absolute UGLIEST websites online today and find out if yours is included!”

The link works on two powerful levels…

First, people want to see what’s considered ugly, and they really want to find out why these websites are considered the ugliest. Second, they want to make sure they’re not included in the ugly lineup.

Now if you used this link along with a headline directed towards those needing website design, you’d not only stop your targeted audience, but you’d then have them on your website and get the chance to give more details about your offer.

Remember, the power of shock and curiosity are strong desires. Use them and play around with them. The results can be powerful!

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