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Four Ways to Ensure Your E-mail Doesn't Get Trashed

By Bentley Thompson
Posted Thursday, October 28, 2004

Use the Spam-Check report and other writing tools to improve your email marketing efforts. This report helps ensure your message does not wear the
Have you ever found yourself scrolling down your list of emails to see which ones you need to toss out and which to read?

Or, if you are a bit more "sophisticated" you use e-mail filters so that un-solicited messages never get to your inbox.

If you are the e-mail marketer you know the downside to this... when your sales effort gets tossed to the trash before the recipient sees it you are losing money.

What can you do to make sure that (at least) more of the e-mail you send out does not get tossed to the trash as SPAM? Here are three services you can use.

(1) Get a Spam-Check Analysis & Report done on your e-mail message before you send it out. This is a free service, and the analysis report shows you what you need to change to decrease the "spaminess" of your newsletter or email.

I have been using the Spam-Check Report for the past few months now and it is like my personal proofreader/editor for all my mail outs.

If your marketing is something you cannot afford to take lightly, then just send a copy of your newsletter, or other mass mailing, to this e-mail address and get a detailed analysis report instantly.

Use the spam-check report, it's the surest way to get through.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you use TEST as the first word in the subject line, or your email will be ignored. For example, the subject could be TEST My Newsletter.

(2) Create Vivid Images in Your Readers' minds. One of my college professors used to stress that we (humans) do not store information in words, but in "pictures".

I will spare you the details of his explanation, but there is some truth to this.

Just think of the success of television ads...

Well, you can use some of the more than three thousand "vivid image creation phrases" from

( to paint a vivid and lasting image in your readers minds.

If you want a cliché involving the word 'money', for example, just type in the word 'money' and click Search.

Instead of the common few phrases that you can readily think of, you get at least twenty-six catchy phrases about money that you can use to drive home your point.

Here is the URL again: (

(3) Use the right words and correct spelling. Poor spelling and word choice can be a "turn-off", but they are at least distractions from your message.

It can be a hassle reaching for your thesaurus or dictionary and thumbing through to check on a word. I don't like it either. But you don't have...

You can use a thesaurus online...

( - Roget's Online Thesaurus that comes with a number of other useful reference tools as well.

(4) The Netwriting Masters Course is a free course for those who want to sell more? The key is to Write better. To get this course, send a blank email to

So, again... To make sure your newsletter and messages don't carry the "Spam" Label, get a free spam-check report by sending a copy of your message to

Find common cliché’s to create lasting "images" in your readers mind at (,

And Use a thesaurus- (

About the Author
Bentley is the owner/creator of the Home Business Opportunities site ( He loves the Internet Marketing business. He can be contacted at


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