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How to be published in Ezines!

By Jack Humphrey
Posted Friday, October 29, 2004

In this short article Jack Humphrey presents an easy way to get more of your articles published by big ezines.
How to get more articles featured in Ezines: A Power Linking Solution

Well, not EVERYTHING about how to do it, but one aspect to make it easier on publishers to pick UP your article!

As I look for new outlets for my articles, hoping to get picked up by that 500,000 subscriber ezine someday, one thing came clear this morning that I thought I should share.

When you go to free content sites and article promotion sites, something that continually comes up is whether or not your article is available via autoresponder. Now, until last week I didn't have a solution for this that was easy enough to bother with.

Now I have an autoresponder (highly recommend Auto Response Plus) Now it is too easy for me to ignore any longer.

Why make it easy as pie to pick up your article? Because competition out there is so darn fierce! People have published so much on the benefits of writing articles and the content sites are so competitive, that when a publisher finally gets down to looking at your article, you'd better darn well have it ready in whatever format and means of delivery is available on the net!

Use your autoresponder account on each of your articles so that publishers can come to your site and not only pick up the article you advertised, but if its TOTALLY easy just to click and receive content and you have good headlines, they may just pick up a couple of your articles right then and there!

Imagine a publisher thinking your stuff is so good, why not do a mini-series of articles from you? Or just collect your articles for use in a pinch, to add to his library for future use?

I picture setting it up like this:

1) Have a page on your site where all your articles are linked

2) Under each link have an option to have it sent (via List Warrior) directly to them or anyone on your site who hasn't the time to be there much longer to read your article.

Suppose a visitor is in just that situation - not enough time to read right then and there? Are you losing sales if they can't get to it and have to leave to go to work? You bet you are!

Anthony Stillwell, from talks about "shifts in thinking" which bring about massively profitable results for the marketer who thinks deeply about how to do things differently with the same tools or even by inventing new ones.

Think about how you can more effectively use autoresponders to bring your website content TO the visitor so they have time to read your great info and buy your badly needed product or service. (Or to publish your article in that 500,000 sub newsletter you have been dreaming of!)

Jack Humphrey is the author of Power Linking Your Way to 1 Million Hits at ( and CEO of (

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Jack runs ( and is the author of "Power Linking 2: Evolution"at ( More Information at (


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