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"How To Generate F.ree Publicity, Prospects, & Profits on a Zero Dollar Budget in 4 Easy Steps"

Posted Monday, November 8, 2004

It's true. There is a strategy that is so under used, yet is so powerful, that can literally boost your business overnight!

Are you tired and frustrated with wasting your precious time and throwing your hard earned money out the window trying to promote your business with dead-end methods?

Then I'm going to make this easy for you. And don't think for one second this won't work for you.

I could have titled this article, "How to promote your business for f.ree in 5 easy letters".

Those letters spell: 'W-o-r-d-s'. It will all make [dollars and] sense as we begin with step one.

Step One - Write an Article

I know what you're thinking, "but I'm not a writer. I can't write an article". I say, 'yes you can'. If you know your product or service and the benefits that it provides, then you can write an article.

Simply take those benefits and put them into an article form. Create a tutorial. For example, take '5 Tips' and write a small paragraph under each tip. You might write '5 Stroke-Saving Tips To A Better Golf Game'.

Of course, your service will cover many more aspects of the game of golf, but you're providing some useful tips that your prospects can use right now. This will turn prospects into customers for you later.

Step Two - Create A "Resource Box"

While your article provides the benefits (what's in it for the customer) of using your product or service, the resource box directs the reader to your email address or web site to contact you or get more information about you and your business. This information is usually 4-5 lines in length. a.k.a. no cost targeted traffic

Step Three - Send Article to Newsletter Publishers

Hundreds of publishers are looking for quality content for their newsletters each week. Quality being the 'key'. Some have specific requirements, such as 500 word limit at 65 characters per line, etc. Contact the publishers of newsletters you subscribe to and ask if they accept article submissions. Then look for newsletter directories such as the extensive directory found here: (

Step Four - Generate Traffic, Subscribers and Sales

You've created the 'cake', now it's time for the icing. This is where your time becomes money. But generating sales doesn't stop here. You are now generating your own list of prospects, so follow up, follow up, follow up.

Continue to provide quality tips and content to them and soon you'll be turning prospects into customers for a lifetime.

You now have in your hands *the key* to boosting your business overnight without resorting to pulling out the hammer and wacking the piggybank.

The beauty is, it applies to any product or service 24/7, whether you're promoting your own, a resale product, or promoting an affiliate program. And what did it cost you? Only your time.

So what will you do with your time today?

Copyright 2004 David Lovelace

About the Author
Dave Lovelace is publisher of 6 Figure Marketing Tips E-letter. Grab your F.ree "No Cost Marketing" report (19.95 value) when you subscribe. ( Create your own original ezine articles with fill-in-the-blank ease with the click of a button when you click here: (


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