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How to Ride Your Way to Media Limelight

By Michael Low
Posted Monday, October 25, 2004

A press release is an effective way to get your story into the hands of journalists and editors. Through the media, many startups and small businesses are often transformed from little unknown companies to famous brands.

How can you multiply your chances of getting media coverage amidst fierce PR competition? There is a common sense PR technique you can use to ride your way to media limelight.

Here is a recent case study of how an unknown startup company catapulted into media limelight using this proven PR technique.

After September 11, security and safety were the buzz. The media were concerned with national, local and home security. With the anthrax scares, opening of snail mails became dreaded by many.

On October 31, a San Francisco startup called Paperless POBox sent out a press release titled "System That Delivers Postal Mail Via Email is Available to Combat Mail Bioterrorism."

Paperless POBox provides a service which integrates snail mail with modern email. People sign up for a box address and snail mail addressed to them are scanned into image files automatically routed to their email inboxes.

They were soon featured on prominent media like CNN Moneyline, CNNfn, TechTV, CBS-KLAS and CNet Radio. From an unknown upstart with no track record, they were soon gaining popularity and credibility.

Traffic and business poured in. I wouldn't be surprised if investors started knocking on their doors - wanting to own a piece of this innovative company.

What can we learn here?

Paperless POBox was able to ride on the bio-terrorism and security buzz that catapulted their company into media limelight.

Quoting their original press release, founder David Nale "created the service for frequent fliers to receive their mail anytime, anywhere and eliminate paper clutter."

By riding on the media buzz, they captured huge media attention and gained an additional market for their service - people who were concerned about snail mail safety.

Most of us follow the news regularly to keep ourselves updated. Why not go an extra step and ask yourself: "What does that mean for my business?"

You can apply this technique to industry buzz as well. As you update yourself with industry-specific news, keep an eye out for buzz that your business can ride on.

About the Author
Michael Low is a professional PR Strategist. He provides top- notch PR services at highly affordable rates. Check out his full range of PR packages at (


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