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How to Save Time and Boost Sales By Setting Up Clickbank The Way The Experts Do

By Karl Augustine
Posted Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Setting up Clickbank to save time and make more money
Newbies to the online marketing world waste time and lose money in lost sales by not setting up Clickbank the way the experts do.

If you set up Clickbank as outlined below you will: 1. Save yourself time by not having to answer as many emails about how to download your product 2. Keep a consistent professional message throughout the sales process for increased credibility 3. Increase your sales by gathering the name and email of the person who purchased your product

The order process with Clickbank: Once your prospect gets to your "order page", reads your offer and guarantee again, and decides to buy, a new browser opens up Clickbank page 1. On this page, the user will enter in country, state, and zip code.

Make sure your order button opens a new browser to get to "Clickbank page 1.

After the user clicks "Submit" from Clickbank page 1, the user is sent to Clickbank page 2 where the user enters in his or her payment/credit card information.

After the sale gets approved, Clickbank sends the user to a 3rd Clickbank page that in part reads "Click Here to Complete the Sale".

After the user clicks the "Click Here to Complete the Sale" link, Clickbank sends the user to your "Thank You" page.

NOTE: When you sign up with Clickbank, you'll let Clickbank know where your "Thank You" page is located (the URL).

To reduce theft, think about naming your "Thank You" URL page something odd, something that cannot be guessed easily.

You may want to name your "Thank You" URL page something like: "" where "ebk2av184-ntx.html" is the name of the html file of the "Thank You" page.

On your "Thank You" page, place your contact information, and a "thanks for purchasing" message. Keep your "Thank You" page consistent with the way your web site looks and feels...use the same title bar, color scheme, etc.

Your "Thank You" page should look like any other page on your site.

Most importantly, have a web form on your "Thank You" page that has 2 fields; 1. name field 2. email field

On your "Thank You" page, place the text... "Enter the Information Here to Complete the Sale", referring to the web form with the "name" and "email" fields.

After the person enters their name and email into that web form on the "Thank You" page and clicks "Submit", their name and email should be stored in your auto responder's database.

In the code of that web form, you can enter your "confirmation URL" which is the URL where the user will be taken to after they enter their name and email in the web form.

This "confirmation URL" should be your download page. On your download page, place "step by step instructions" on how to download your product, remembering to keep this page looking like the others on your site.

Having these "step by step instructions" on how to download your product will save you lots of time in answering emails from people asking you how to download your product.

Have your auto responder send an email to your new customer thanking them for their purchase and outlining the download instructions (along with download link).

This will limit the email inquiries you'll receive and sends a consistent message of professionalism to your new customer.

By setting Clickbank this way, you will save yourself time and maximize profits.


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About the Author
A "Regular Guy" who learned about Internet marketing from the school of hard knocks. Author of "9 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When Starting An Online Business" and the "Starting Smart" ezine for the newbie.


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