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New Promotional Ideas That Work - Without Competition!

By Paulina Roe
Posted Monday, October 25, 2004

Find a "silent auction" or raffle going on, and contribute a product or service of yours. You will be listed as a contributor, "Donated by Joe's Company", and then it will have your contact information. If the prize is truly worthwhile, people will want to know how to get more of it. You will have left people a good feeling about you for having contributed, and their trust factor and confidence in you will climb. They will refer your company to others and you should see an increase in business (but you must provide a product or service that people want and appreciate -
something of value).

Try to have your logo or slogan included with your contact information - so people will get a feel for any other line of related products or services you provide. Don't list anything unrelated - it will ruin your credibility. It would be advantageous to include a "coupon" for 10% or some amount for people to get a deal from you. See if you can leave business cards with the donation for people to pick up, or if you can have your discount printed up in the "credits" that list the donators.

To find groups in need of donated products and services, tell other people as you run into them that you have items to donate - many will be associated with a church, or scout troop, or sports team, or school fundraiser group, etc. Make some calls to local churches, asking if they are looking for any raffle or silent auction items. You might even spark up a fundraising drive with your suggestion. Call scout troops, schools, sport teams - all are looking for ways to raise money. Many are at a loss to think of what - you can provide them an avenue.

We have a fundraising website at ( - contact me and I can add your donation request to the site and perhaps provide an avenue for a fundraiser to find you. This would be a benefit to your paid subscription to this newsletter.

This tactic does work - if people like your offering. I have used it at church silent auctions, and at swim team fundraisers. The woman with a store next to me has donated items to sporting events. It does bring in more awareness of your business, and should increase your sales. Make sure to include your business and contact information so that you will be recognized.

More "Slick Tricks" can be found in the "Slick Tricks" weekly newsletter - new and cutting edge tactics in promoting, which will keep you ahead of your competition. P. Roe has been writing on the Internet for the past 5 years - always bringing new information to both newbies and the experienced. (

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