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Payperclick Tips To Massively Increase Your Traffic

By John Stafford
Posted Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Here are some Payperclick Tips to give you a huge boost to your site traffic, they've all been proven to work on my own sites and others...

Don't say I never gave you anything ;)

Payperclick Tip One: Your Keyword List

Seems like every payperclick guru tells you to make a keyword list but never mentions how he does it. The trick is to take some to brain storm as many words as you can to submit the first day. Then every day, submit 5 more words and in a few months you'll have a truly massive payperclick list to pull in alot more traffic.

Payperclick Tip Two: Track your Traffic

Tracking your payperclick listings is vital to your campaigns survival. Most PPCs give you the option to track your keywords, here's how to do it easily. Add a question mark to the end of your URL and a word, whichever one you want like this:


Every clickthrough to that URL will show up in your traffic logs, you can make as many tracking urls as you like. If you really want a ton of traffic to your site, don't ignore this payperclick tip.

Payperclick Tip Three: Watch your keywords constantly

This is the most important payperclick tip I can give you. Watch your keyword listings as much as you can, especially torwards the end of the month. Some marketers think they can pull a fast one and take your payperclick spot because they think you aren't watching.

On the other side of the coin, alot of people do get lazy around this time of the month. So if you keep your eye out, you can get some pretty decent listings for cheap.

© 2003 by John Stafford

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