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Persistence, What You Need to Succeed

By John Olson
Posted Saturday, October 30, 2004

And you need to know that you can succeed. You can do it.

Several years ago, I was in need of a job. And not just any job. I needed one that paid well, but had flexibility. I was working also as an Actor and doing Commercials both Radio and TV as well as training tapes. Something I still do, but which has slowed down quite a bit in the last years. But I needed to be able to not work on short notice to be able to go to auditions and studios.

Anyway, I need a special kind of job. And what I found and what I succeed in will surprise you.

I did Door-to-Door Sales.

Before I started this, I would have been the last person who would have thought I had what it took to go Door to Door and sell things. But not only did I do it, I made Money at it, and believe it or not... I had Fun doing it. I was 5th in the whole company for sales one year.

We sold a card, a piece of heavy paper which gave the barer discounts on Oil Changes, Service Work, Tires and the like. Or discounts on Pizza. I loved selling the Pizza cards. Talking about something good to eat and saving people money was really fun.

The people I met were great. You never really know how many wonderful people there are in the world until you talk with them. Of course some were not so nice, but 99% of them were great and good people.

But when I started this, I needed something. I needed to be persistent. I didn't start out as a top salesman. As with anything, I needed to learn how to do the job. I was fortunate in that I had great teachers, and we offered real savings to people.

I was motivated, I needed to make money and I needed to do it fast and every week. So I listened and learned from those who were doing it week after week. And I started to make money. Many weeks I made over $1,000. That felt real good.

But not every week started out great. Sometimes we had a bad contract, or a neighborhood that wasn't working out. But I kept at it, I kept walking up to those doors, knocking and telling people about what I offered. Every week, I made money, some weeks were, $600 weeks, some were $1,200 weeks. But as long as I was knocking on doors and talking to people, I knew I was going to make sales. And I did.

Now, it was tough that first week on the job. Tough to walk up to strange doors and go into my pitch, hoping I had all the answers if the questions came. And they did, and I answered them. All of them. Took time to get all the answers down so I could do it smoothly, but I did it. I mastered the job, and I made sales and money. A lot of money.

What has all this Door-to-Door stuff have to do with Network marketing?


You must have the need to do the job. You must learn how to do the job. You must learn your product and answer the questions. You must keep talking to people.

Your need might be just earning a few extra dollars online a month. Or it might be earning enough to quit your day job. Or it might be a need to make a ton of money. What ever your need is, you must want it bad enough to do the job, learn the job and learn your product or service.

Notice I keep calling this a job? I bet you thought of this as a way out of a job. But it is a JOB. You can call it running your own online business, but it's still a JOB. And you have got to treat it like one. You go to Work everyday at the same time and put in your hours, right. The same needs to happen with this Network JOB. You need to learn how to do it, and follow through or you are never going to make a dime and you might as well play the Lotto with all the money you spend joining this thing and that thing.

I am trying to help you do the JOB. I am trying to teach you how to do the JOB. Are you learning anything? Persistence pays off, whether you are going Door-to-Door selling or placing ads online or using Hit Exchanges. Or posting to Safelists, or buying ads in E-zines.

Don't let me hear you say you can't do this. Don't let me hear it. Because you can. All you need is the need to learn it and do it.

This is important. You need to have the need. You need to learn the JOB. You need to be Persistent.

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