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Planning Is The First Step

By D C Wartenberger
Posted Sunday, November 7, 2004

Starting a home based business is less complicated and takes less preparations than most off home business need. No search for an office or a shop, no money you need to pay in advance to rent or buy a place. Not need to order a stock to be able to sell or to buy any machines to manufacture any goods to make some profits from. Even not need to go with a calculation plan to your bank and ask them for a credit.

Most home based businesses you can start right out of almost nothing.

But does that mean you don’t need to plan your actions? Or you don’t need to be prepared? NO!

Most people fail because they just run without a plan and without a target.

Let’s focus here on internet marketing. Uncountable opportunities and uncountable broken and disappointed people. But why? Because they run without a plan. Even the smallest business needs planning.

So what is it that you have to plan?

First you check your computer. Clean it from unneeded stuff and make sure that you have enough free space. Upgrade your computer if necessary, make it fast and able to download some tools without being on the limit and getting slow. Your computer is your No 1 work tool, so treat it as such.

Now take an empty file with alphabetical sheets. This is for your IDs. Print each membership confirmation you’ll get and keep it in this file. If you change your password write it down on this confirmation right away. Believe me you’ll get lost over the time without doing it.

Organize your emails. Set up files to store your emails so you can find them when needed. Like one for each company you’ll become an affiliate/member, one for training, one for IDs, one for interesting stuff you will maybe check out later and so on.

You will now have to think about the opportunities you want to join. Take a sheet of paper, or a ring file and calculate your budget. You will need to advertise and if you found yourself an opportunity you would like to upgrade to make a better money out of it, you need to pay a monthly fee. You probably need to pay a Host if you want to get seriously into the business. Write all possible monthly payments down. Don’t forget about your online charges. Do not go to extreme limit of what you are able to pay, as it is important to keep upgraded memberships if you don’t want to lose all your referred downline.

Even if some opportunities are free to join, do not go for more than two or three in the beginning. Join any company you think it is worth it and get to know the company, the products and take yourself the time to go through the training. All good companies have training and e-courses and you will profit from each and learn how to do. Join a forum (some companies have own forums) and ask about everything you would like to know. Sign up for one or two newsletter about home based business or about specific themes and give yourself a bit time to understand all the biz you are part of now.

If you sign up for too many opportunities at one time, you will not be able to get to work on each of them enough. This is what most people do. They sign up as it sounds great and it is free and then they get lost and can’t advertise none enough to turn it into profit. If you want to join more programs right at the beginning, you should get a website immediately so you can advertise this site and all your programs at once.

So here we come straight to the next planning: Plan and track your advertising. Every ad you place. You will have to control the results and change your ad or/and the site you placed your ads. You want to know that the time and the money you spend is worth it, right?

Plan all your activities and track it. Take the first three to six month as your learning phase and do not expect the big money rolling in during this time. Sure you can earn and even get into profit but do not dream about the five figure income during your first three month, as many do and than are disappointed.

Now plan your day: Time for emails reading/responding, time for training, time for searching the net for good advertising possibilities, time to study some tools and so on.

Internet Marketing is exciting and a very profitable business if you do it right. Plan your business and work with the plan. That is how Pro’s do!

Copyright 2004 D C Wartenberger

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