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Promote Your Web Site - NOW! - In Time For Christmas

By Steve Nash
Posted Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Christmas is coming, and NOW is the time to plan your site promotion efforts. This article covers some basic but important methods of promoting your website in time for this lucrative holiday season...

.. A client got in touch with me last week concerned about the approach of Christmas, and the fact that nothing had been done to promote their website (ever!). They simply wanted to know what options were available to promote their site, and how much it was going to cost.

I have reproduced my advice within this article (without associated costs, obviously). The advice is relevant to those of you who *are* actively promoting your websites too. (Always be careful, however, not to promote the same page too often to the same search engine or directory!)

The advice above is aimed at a UK-based client who owns a shopping-related site (AND one who does not wish to have search-engine-friendly pages created). Whatever your site is about, however, there will always be important sites to get listed on (or swap links with) outside of the major search engines; you just need to find them.

(For advice about creating search-engine friendly pages visit - ( )

As I was to undertake this work myself, it was not necessary for me to provide suitable links (I just added a few (above) for the benefit of this article). The following links are also useful:

* Free web site promotion guide - (

* Free 5-day search engine Masters course, by e-mail -

* Find important sites to get a link on; use this tool - (

* 8 Ways To Promote New Content On Your Website - (

* 10 Simple Ways That You Can Promote Your Website - (

* Contact your customers via mobile phone text messaging - (

(And for those of you who really want to master web site promotion, the single best resource without doubt would be the newly revised ebook Make Your Site Sell! 2002 (MYSS! 2002), written by Dr Ken Evoy.

The 400 page traffic-building volume (one of four volumes in MYSS! 2002!) covers the basics of website promotion together with pay-per-click-search-engines, affiliate programs and (importantly) it reveals the web site promotion time-wasters, too. Unbeatable value. Invaluable.)
Yes, Christmas 2002 is coming. There is no need for concern, though; this article has shown you many ways that you can successfully promote your web site and take full advantage of this holiday festival. Just do *something* NOW!

About the Author
Steve Nash is webmaster at . He also edits a bi-monthly newsletter called Promote! Promote! Promote! Subscribe and get 2 free gifts. And you can buy the excellent (and MUST-read) MYSS! 2002 at (


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