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Put Away That Fishing Pole And Haul Out The Net

By John Colanzi
Posted Sunday, October 31, 2004

Are you still using a fishing pole to build your downline?

Whenever someone talks about building a downline, we automatically think in terms of Network Marketing. The fact is, the same principles apply to two tier affiliate programs.

The first rule to succeed with two tier programs or mlm is to build wide fast.


If less than 5% of new marketers ever succeed, that means 95% or more of those you sign up will join and not do anything.

If you're sitting on the bank using a fishing pole, you're on the slow boat to China. You'll end up frustrated and more than likely throw in the towel before you've even given yourself a chance.

You must haul out the net and start thinking like the heavy hitters. Cast your net and gather as many new sign ups as possible.

You're like the old miners panning for gold. You'll sift through a lot of silt before you start hitting those rare nuggets that are inspired enough to do what it takes to succeed.

Once you find them, work with them as if your future depended on it.

It does!

A good affiliate or first level downline member is worth more them their weight in gold.

You future profits depend on them. Teach them how to use their net and you'll both be rewarded.

If you truly want to succeed with affiliate programs or MLM, put that fishing pole away and haul out the net.

You'll be glad you did.

Gone Fishing,
John Colanzi
Street Smart Marketing

John publishes the "Street Smart Marketing" newsletter. To subscribe If you'd like to see how John uses this strategy to make money visit: (

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