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Reach Millions Without Spending A Penny

By Gauher Chaudhry
Posted Thursday, October 14, 2004

Do you want to know the secret to getting your advertisement seen over and over again without spending a penny? This method has been used by Internet marketers to help sell their products and services, promote their affiliate programs or simply attract readers to their newsletters.

The secret is simple. It requires effort and time on your part, but the rewards can far exceed the effort that you may have to put in.

Not only does this method of advertising give you free promotion that may cost you thousands of dollars otherwise, but it also develops your reputation as an expert in a certain field.

Developing yourself as an expert in a certain field can be a powerful selling tool. People will begin to respect you and admire your expertise. It will make selling your products or services a breeze because people will already trust you.

Do you want to know what the secret is?

The secret that I am writing about is simply writing articles on a particular topic and submitting it to ezine publishers to publish in their ezines. Ezine publishers are always looking for fresh content to publish in their ezines. With over 100,000 ezines on the Internet, you will not have trouble finding ezine publishers to publish your article.

You benefit by adding your signature file to the bottom of the article. A signature file is usually around 5 lines is where you introduce yourself and tell the prospective reader about what you are selling and how they can get more information.

You could potentially have millions of people see your signature file for free. You do not have to be a gifted writer to come up with an article. All you have to do is put a little time on the side and do the necessary research on your particular topic.

For example, if you are writing an article about web promotion, you may do a little bit of research on the Internet and find which methods work best for Internet marketers. You then take that research and write a quality article about it.

Thousands of people are looking for particular information on a particular topic. You can save them countless hours of fruitless searches by writing on the topics that interest them.

Article writers are now getting smarter and gearing articles that they write to affiliate programs they are promoting. For example, one author my write an article on the topic of "branding" and at the same time promote an book on "branding" in their article. I know one author who made $5,000 in one week by incorporating his affiliate programs in his articles.

Articles usually are anywhere from 500 to 1000 words. You do not want to write super long articles because people are limited for time. You can right an effective article with the main points in less than 1000 words.

You should ask a spouse or friend to proof read your article before you submit it to publishers. Publishers do not usually publish articles that have a lot of spelling errors.

Writing articles for other ezines will give you free promotion and at the same time develop a favourable reputation for you on the Internet.

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About the Author
Gauher Chaudhry is editor of Cool Cash Ezine. You can subscribe for free by sending an email to with "sub-art" in the subject. You will receive a free copy of the 225+ page book "How To Start And Operate Your Own Profitable Business At Home!"


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