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Simple Things You Can Do To Get Out of Sales Slump

By Lisa M. Cope
Posted Saturday, October 16, 2004

Don't get down in the dumps when your sales are in a slump!

Most businesses hit a slump now and then. Sometimes when your in a slump it just takes a little extra push to get the sales rolling in again. I have what I call a slump file. Inside I have a list several profit generating ideas that I keep handy to help boost sales when business is slow.

But first let's talk about preventative measures you can take to help keep your slump in sales from being so hard on your bottom line.

When your in business you know that follow up is the equivalent to the goose that laid the golden egg. You must follow up with every customer who makes a purchase or your business is dead.

A good idea is to incorporate some slump preventing measures into your follow up process. It is very simple really. When you follow up with a customer who makes a purchase just include a customer satisfaction questionnaire. Ask a few basic questions like, Is the product to your satisfaction? Did you find it easy to place your order? Did you have any trouble with delivery? You get the idea!

This information will allow you to improve your sales copy, customer service and ordering process. Also include your recommendation for other complementing products or a plug for your favorite affiliate program this will increase your profits in the long run.

It's a good idea to start your own slump file. To get you going use some of these simple techniques to help increase your sales. As you learn more tip's and tricks you can add them to the file. Keep it handy and any time sales are low instead of just staring at your computer screen refer to the list to rev things up.

- Offer to give a percentage of your profits to a worthy cause. Your customers will appreciate your willingness to give and it will also make them feel good about making a purchase and helping out at the same time. It could be to a favorite charity, local school, church, to help the environment or endangered animals depending on your personal preference and the type of business your in.

- Send your customers a surprise gift like a discount on their next purchase, a free consultation or offer a free product to them for referring a friend. Set up a good customer loyalty program and your sales will very rarely slump.

- Give away a follow-up email course or a series of articles on an auto-responder. Include your offer with each lesson. Multiple exposures to your offer increase your chances of making the sale.

- Try revamping your classified ads so they don't sound so much like an ad and more like an invitation. Don't try to make the sale right off the bat. Try giving something away instead. Anything you can think of to get the prospect to respond or take action. Then lead them to the sale.

- Have a website, make it sticky. The longer a visitor sticks around your website, the greater chance they will buy. Do this by running a contest, adding surveys, posting articles and tips or giving them a list of resources and tools. Give people a good reason to hang around and bookmark your site and you will get more sales.

- Your business is slow but you still need to advertise. To help cover the cost try splitting the cost of online advertising and marketing by partnering with a similar, non-competing business. You would both put up half the cost or simply swap ads even articles.

- Go hunting for some free press coverage. Think of a good way to get your business in the news. Do this by hosting a community event or donating your product or services to the local community or senior center. I just read about one lady who built her whole catering business on the fact that she donated her pastries to local chamber of commerce events! And another man let the local youth center paint a mural on the wall of his office building. You know the media was all over him. See, simple ideas can go a very long way.

There are many more things you can do just use your imagination. One time I had a name your own price sale on some of my less popular products and it worked out great. So the morel of this story is don't let a slump get you down just come up slugging and your win every time.

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