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By David Seitz
Posted Monday, October 25, 2004

Are you taking the time to market your site off the web? If not, you could be missing valuable contacts!

I use a technique to market my websites offline that has created a steady flow of new contacts and reached out to people that would normally never come in contact with me, or any of my websites.

I take advantage of reverse mail for several reasons:

* It costs pennies to produce
* It's almost guaranteed to be read
* It's free to mail.

So, you're asking, what does it involve? It's really quite simple. I use customized Post-it™ notes, you know, the small paper pads with the sticky backs. I have custom pads created with my web address and name printed on them. They are inexpensive to produce and add a personal touch. You can create your own rather quickly at iprint: (

I place a Post-it™ note on every single piece of mail leaving my office and home, including bills! Bills, you say? YES, BILLS! I recently received a client who spent $2500 on my graphic design services after seeing one of my Post-it™ notes! Know where they saw it? At the gas company! Turns out a lady working in the billing department had a sister who was opening a bridal shop and needed a logo and flyer created. She noticed the note stuck to my gas bill. Because of the personal message I wrote, she decided to contact me.

I suggest you order a box of them today and start posting them like mad on everything going way out of your home or office. I always handwrite a short note on them to make it personalized. Something small like: "Call me to discuss your online needs" or "Visit our website online and email me!" Short and to the point works best, and since it's handwritten, it ads that personal touch. The fact that you can stick them anywhere you want helps get them read. I always stick them to my checks in any bills I have going out.

Post-it™ notes can also be printed with your logo or other image and you can create your Post-it™ notes on a variety of bright colors that help get them noticed. I have them printed in every color available.

If you put a little thought into it, I am positive you can come up with a few creative uses for Post-it's™ in your own marketing - foreheads not included!

About the Author
David Seitz
CEO and President Virtual Imagination Inc. ( "Subscribe to the FREE Award Winning Helping Hand Internet Marketing Newsletter Today For More Great Articles and Tips Just Like This!" (


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