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The All-Time Champion Business Building Tool

By Joshua Rose
Posted Friday, October 29, 2004

Do you know what's the most overlooked and underused online marketing tool on the web?Have you become so conditioned to using email for communicating online that you don't think twice about it?

I've got a little secret for you. It's SLOWING DOWN your progress.

Do you know what's the most overlooked and underused online marketing tool on the web?

(Hint: it's the all-time champion business building tool).

Ring a bell yet?

Well, just to remind you, it's the "old-fashioned" telephone!

If you want to make impressive progress online quickly and effectively ... if you want to build your traffic and sales as fast as possible ... if you want to create valuable long-term relationships ... then pick up the telephone. You'll find you often get important results in minutes ... not days, weeks or months.

I phoned a well known marketer a few days ago about possibly endorsing his product as an Affiliate. Thirty minutes later, I had two new linkbacks, some insightful Affiliate tips for his new niche product, an offer to write "paid for" content for a new site, a Joint Venture project ... and a new friend.

All from a single phone call. Just try getting this done with back-and-forth emails. It's both far less likely to happen and will often, at best, take literally weeks ... or longer.

The vast majority of small online business owners seem to believe that there is some kind of internet protocol dictating that email is THE communication vehicle for the web. This thinking is most definitely hazardous to your wealth.

People with offline businesses think nothing of calling another company to probe mutually beneficial opportunities. It's an everyday, all-day occurrence. The same should be done to effectively build your online business.

Do you want a particular site to link to you? Do you have a dynamite Joint Venture idea? Could your business benefit from relationships with other webmasters, both large and small?

Well, when you pick up the telephone you will be making an impression that puts you head and shoulders above the crowd from the get-go. You'll almost always be given an ear because you're increasing the likelihood of being seen as serious, professional, motivated and successful.

Here's a few examples of reasons to call a web site owner. You'll often find, however, that the conversation will broaden into additional areas of mutual interest.

*Call to ask for a link back to your site.

*Call to let them know you're publishing their article in your newsletter.

*Call because you're so impressed with their product or service that you're thinking about endorsing it as an Affiliate.

* Call because you've got a great idea for an exclusive, search-engine-friendly article for their site and you'd like to know what keywords to stress.

* Call because you are just about to purchase their product or service and you'd like more insight into how to best use it in your particular business.

* Call because you haven't been successful getting your article published in their 150,000 subscriber newsletter and want to know what exactly is their "ideal" article written exclusively for them.

Get the idea? Put on your creative thinking cap and identify "win/win" scenerios for you both. Then, pick up that telephone to get results that will both impact your business immediately and build crucially important long-term relationships.

About the Author

Joshua Rose cuts through the glut of Internet "hype" and "false promises" to identify the "genuine" marketing techniques that get results. For his fr^e "One, Two, Three Easy Steps To Internet Profits", or to subscribe to his newsletter, visit: (


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