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The Most Deadly-Effective Trick of Online Marketing that Hypnotizes People to Flash out Their Credit Cards Instantly!

By Jaruda Boonsuwan
Posted Saturday, October 16, 2004

I just finished reading another sales copy ending with the Deadline Marketing!

And it's the sixth I see today saying "If you order by midnight, blah blah blah...."

I'm sure you've seen it. And I'm sure you're getting (if not very) a little bored.

The deadline trick has proven itself to be overwhelmingly successful. It's a deadly-effective "countdown trigger" that pushes reluctant people to ACT at the scene.

BUT right now the Internet is getting OVERCROWDED with sales letters that try to lure you in with the deadlines.

And now what happens is when prospects get to witness this technique too often, they learn to catch up. They learn NOT to buy it!

So be "extra careful". It's been OVERUSED!! Imagine how your prospects will feel when they come across your website and see that your sales copy is not different from others. Imagine yourself in their shoes!

What's WORSE is not keeping the deadlines...

A lot of marketers specifically use the deadlines to explode their sales faster. And their sales letters are forever like that....with the NEVER-ending deadlines. So prospects can't help but lose faith in the deadlines.

You could easily risk losing your credibility from your prospects, if they check up on your site again and still find the same "midnight deadline" technique.

This is critical. If you use the deadline, make sure you keep it. When you say the promotion is ending as soon as the clock "strikes at twelve", prove that you really MEAN it!

Once your prospects see that the discount really ends like you said it would, they'll regret not having bought from you earlier.

Now that they know you always keep your words, they'll keep in mind not to let the next opportunity slip away. Next time they won't wait for another second to buy from you!

What I have for you here is a groundbreaking idea for your deadline marketing...

Instead of saying,

"If you don't delay and order now, you'll get 50% off. The original price is $100, but order now and you pay only $50. Order before midnight and you'll get this special price. Remember if you order after midnight, expect to pay $100!"


"Take an unfair advantage of our online marketing test. For 7 days only, our company decides to slash 50% off the original price in order to see whether pricing affects sales. In our doing so, you are the one who gains! During our marketing test, don't pay us $100. Keep $50 to yourself now!"

See the difference? Feel the impact?

If you decide to use the deadline marketing, don't forget to make it right and make the most out of it.

Apart from writing a HARD-TO-SAY-NO deadline, here is the "one-of-a-kind" tool to accelerate your prospects' buying decision....

Go get yourself a dynamic countdown javascript and put it on your site...


It's FREE! And it works like miracle. Believe it or not? People tend to feel the rush to act when they see the clock ticking!

P.S. Be different. You can still offer the deadlines, but make sure you take a different approach!

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