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The #1 Way to Get Profits Fast and Forever with Joint Ventures

By Jinger Jarrett
Posted Sunday, October 17, 2004

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to make profits from your business, think joint venture.

The beauty of a joint venture is that no matter how much or how little traffic you are currently receiving at your site, this marketing technique can explode your traffic and profits.

There are five things you need to do to create a successful joint venture.

1. Set goals.
Do you know what you want to achieve with your joint venture?

Because this technique is so effective, be prepared to be rejected. You should also be prepared to "lose your shirt" upfront if you are going to get potential partners to accept your offer.

Jimmy D. Brown of the Profits' Vault, (, recommends you aim for three goals:

a. Build your list b. Secure lifetime customers c. Recruit new affiliates and partners

Although you will lose on the front end, you'll gain on the backend because you'll have a target market in place ready to buy.

2. Make a list of contacts. How many publishers you decide to contact is up to you. I would recommend you make a list of at least 10 because some of your contacts will completely ignore your offer.

If you don't make contact with the first 10, make a list of 10 more, but don't quit.

Use targeted key words in the search engines to find sites that complement yours and study them carefully before you contact the publishers.

What to look for in potential partners:

a. Sites that complement yours. If you're selling computer hardware, look for sites that sell computer software, computer books, etc.

b. Sites that have a mailing list. You want your potential partners to contact their customers/readers with your offer.

Look for ezine publishers with large lists. Small lists are good if the readers are loyal.

3. Create an irresistable offer. This is where you will lose BIG.

Give your partner a copy of your product. Include bonuses with it. Offer an ad swap. You are only limited by your imagination here, but whatever you do, make it an offer that gets attention.

Tell them what the product will do for them. More importantly, tell them what your OFFER will do for them.

Make your offer personal. Don't send it to "Dear Friend". Call them by name and when you send them your offer, send it individually. You don't want to get accused of spamming, and your offer will be rejected before the publisher reads it.

4. Make it easy for your publishers to accept the offer. Include the download link for your product in the email.

Overdeliver here. Surprise them with how much you are willing to give to get them to partner with you.

Explain exactly how these publisher can take advantage of the offer, i.e. how they can make money from your offer.

Send you sales message along. Then, all your publishers have to do is insert their sales links.

Explain exactly what you want your publishers to do. The less work they have to do, the more likely they are to accept your offer.

5. Repeat the process
Work the backend. Now that you have new customers, make sure you follow up.

Offer a free ebook, report, newsletter or ecourse. Send them an email thanking them for buying your product.

Send them other offers that complement the products they just bought. You can even put an ad on the download page of their products with another complementary offer.

Tell them about your affiliate program.

Just keep in contact with your customers. Don't let them forget about you. Earn their trust, and they'll be your customer forever.

When you have a new offer available, make sure you tell your new partners about it. After the first offer, if you've made it a great offer, you won't have any trouble getting them to accept your offer again.

About the Author
Jinger Jarrett is the author of "10 Ways to Promote Your Business for Free", and the free ecourse, "How to Really Start Your Business in 30 Days." Get your free copy of her ebook by subscribing to her newsletter. Send a blank email to or to get the ecourse.


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