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The Secret To Creating A Great Reputation For Your Online Business

By Alex Parker
Posted Thursday, October 14, 2004

The secret to creating a great reputation for your online business is so obvious that many webmasters overlook it. I’m going to tell you the secret and then I’ll show you some ways to put the secret into action.

But, first, what exactly is “reputation?”

Reputation is one’s character as viewed by the community at large. Just think of reputation as being an opinion about a person, or a business, that is held by the general public.

Naturally, the aim of a webmaster is to create and build a good reputation. After all, if you and your business have a good reputation then it means that people trust you. And, if people trust you they will be more eager to buy whatever it is you are selling. They will also be enthusiastic when telling others about your product or service.

The secret to creating a great reputation is simple. In order to build a great reputation you must go out there and tell others what a great reputation you have. Yes. Shout it out loud! Tell everyone you meet what a wonderful reputation you have in the __________ industry. (You fill in the blank.)

I know. It sounds a bit ridiculous when you first hear it. But stop and think about it. How often do you hear people on the street say something like “Dr. Jones has a fine reputation.” Well, where do you suppose the people who are saying these things got the idea that Dr. Jones’ reputation is so grand? From Dr. Jones, of course. Or, from Dr. Jones’ television ads. Or, from Dr. Jones’ brochures.

Webmasters, like other business owners, must be confident. If you don’t have enough confidence to tell others about how great your product or service is then why should anyone else talk about it?

So, let’s assume that you have the confidence and the touch of arrogance you need to begin building your “great reputation.” How do you get the word out to the online community?

Well, the ideas are endless but basically you just need to advertise how great you are. Advertise it any way you can. Keep it simple. For example, you could say something like “Visit Our reputation is one of the best in the web design industry.”

Advertise your great reputation in ezines, on your website, on other websites, in banner ads, in text ads and on discussion boards. Use testimonials from satisfied customers to boost your credibility when you tell the world all about your great reputation.

Once you have started to gain a good reputation, how do you keep it? At a minimum, do the following:

1. Provide a quality product or service: This should be obvious but some may need to hear it. If your product breaks on the first use or if your service stinks then there’s no way to gain a great reputation. Customers know when they have been scammed and they will let everyone else know it too.

2. Provide quality customer service: Reply promptly to all customer problems and requests for assistance.

3. Give refunds: If you absolutely can’t satisfy the customer then refund his money in a prompt and courteous manner.

4. Conduct follow up customer surveys: Ask customers to complete a survey regarding your product or service. Make sure to include space on the survey for general comments. Pay close attention to statements made in this section. If a customer goes out of her way to write it out then it is important information.

5. Donate to charity: If your budget allows, make a point of donating a percentage of your profits to a worthy cause. Make sure you advertise this fact as much as possible. People love to feel that they are helping others.

You really should try the suggestions you’ve read in this article. After all, as you may know, I have a fabulous reputation in the online community.

Keep Learning and Keep Promoting!


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