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"The Secrets of the Rich."

By George Papazoglou
Posted Saturday, October 30, 2004

Ever wondered why inopportunity is so aggressively promoted?

Ever pondered... deep inside yourself, why perfectly "charismatic people" are chronospheres away from wealth, independence and personal power?

Not successful yet... despite all your legitimately intensified efforts to achieve your goals?

I'd dare to equate failure with a chronic disease that cripples millions of entrepreneurs around this Planet. In all probability, you've heard the gigantic potential of the Internet to creating wealth without considerable capital; so you "jumped onto the wagon" and entered the wondrous virtual world of "cyber entrepreneurship"...

Several months have gone by and you still have "nothing to show for it". Your acquaintances have long ago started to frown on your unique "business ideas"... your friends giggle, however you don't give-up -- not yet! You 'crawl' on every popular marketing forum, you study endless piles of business related articles and you fervently seek for "no-risk" investment ideas to create "multiple streams of income".

Your "hard-disk" is penetrated by tenths of e-books written by "success gurus"... your mind is already overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information... but once more... you have not achieved your goals! Why?

The disinformation still bamboozles your mind... "they" told you to:

--> Find a niche market and then fulfill its' needs with a "perfect product" - then you'd become rich [FACT: Masses of entrepreneurs at this time zealously vie with the same philosophy - when will you differentiate yourself from the masses?].

--> Join a "trusted network like"... develop "keyword-rich sites"... learn optimization... and you're off to making thousands $$$ per month [FACT: Once upon a time, these techniques used to work; ever heard of "Parasites"? You should because the major players in affiliate marketing will use your resources to extract every penny from your affiliate marketing endeavors.]

--> Enroll with the next MLM dynamo...
...and the list goes on - no need to address every parasitic idiosyncrasy that hinders our way to success, right?

Thank God I never got diseased with all this torpor.

So I decided to "make that change" - to explore new and innovative ways to build a fortune on the Internet in pathways that most people considered obtrusive. No... the "masses" never appealed to me. If "nothing worked"... I had to invent a money-making strategy that united people towards a common objective; to initiate the potential of "multiplication" with a mathematically solid solution which ultimately builds wealth for ordinary people (see ( ).

Who Actually Limits your Options to Creating Wealth?

"They" will appear as "evangelists of success"... those are the very same "zombies" that are infected with a virus developed by the most diabolical minds on planet earth; "they" (the zombies) harmonically gospel the very same anthem... using the same words and arguments to talk you into joining "their opportunity".

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (stereotype but so true!)

-> The Guru: He can be good or bad like every human being. His teachings may "make you or break you" - no further analysis needed.

-> The Evangelist: He / She, like the Guru, might be good or bad. The Evangelist may be "in good spirit", or a "zombie" (bad spirit). Just like the Evil disguises with an angelic outlook, just alike... the Evangelists are "pure or devilish".

-> The Ugly: Not a zombie. Just an entity which is "set to failure". Nobody can help this category of people. They are not good, nor necessarily bad - but they are ugly; nobody would "lay a wager on them".

Which category suits you best? That's the rhetorical question which I'll wholly leave up to you. It's your choice after all.

If you could "trace-rout" my personal crusade towards financial independence, you'd distinguish all of the pre-mentioned "factors of negativity".

As my income grew with mathematical precision along with all the untarnished values I managed to develop throughout the years of persistence, innovation and inspiration, most of my goals finally materialized.

I never followed the paradigms and gospels of the "zombies". I never bought any Microsoft shares. I never protested to the several misfortunes that set me back. I actually never followed the universal laws of economy - what would happen if I did?

About the Author
George Papazoglou is the creator of the ( money-making system. This article may be freely distributed / republished, provided that it contains the author's credits and the precise entirety of the provided article, titled: "The Secrets of the Rich".


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