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By Greg Beckemeier
Posted Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Picture this. You make a sales call on an important prospect yet are unable to see the decision maker. Being an innovator, you leave a box of donuts to show that you care, AND leave them in an attractive, DESIGNER donut box with your business card prominently displayed at the top of the box.

Later, the decision maker walks into the room for a refill and WHAM, the compelling aroma of fresh donuts hangs in the air like the sweet smell of success. The boss is drawn to the box.

But this is no ordinary box. Instead of some name brand donut chain, or any donut shop name for that matter, covering the box there is a huge smiley face saying "Have a great day".

Almost as being pulled by an unseen force she moves to the donut box and what does she see? Looking up at her is the chocolate covered donut of her dreams. Without hesitation, she is the boss after all, she reaches in and takes a bite. Oh yeah.

It's good to be the boss. She's relaxed and enjoying the unexpected treat but still massively curious about the box. A smily face? She takes a look and the first thing she notices is your business card.

As fate would have it, just the product she is going to spec out tomorrow. "I'm remembering this" she says and notes down your name and number. The next day you get a call from their purchasing department, not only for pricing but that the Boss requited that they call you. THERE IS NO COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE GREATER THAN "THE BOSS TOLD ME TO CALL YOU"

Here's a fact. Food, especially donuts, are a powerful selling tool


10) Your name is associated with a pleasant experience
9) It will be remembered for days after you have been there
8) You can bring it as often as you like
7) By giving to them they feel an obligation to give to you
6) Your card on the box acts as a silent sales rep all day long
5) You're always welcome, they look FORWARD to seeing you
4) It costs much less than lunches out or sporting event tickets
3) It's not yet another coffee mug to clutter up their offices
2) It gets you through the front door
1) The number one reason is .........."The water cooler effect".

Here's how the water cooler effect works. YOU will now have access to the inner sanctum where you meet people who influence the purchase of what you are selling and seem to become one of them. You are their ally, not an adversary. This positions you to be the first person they think of when they have a need for what you sell.


About the Author
Greg Beckemeier is an innovator who has created dozens of designer donut boxes to make it easier for you to get close to important prospects and clients. To see his many designs visit his website today at (


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