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The Truth About Affiliate Programs

By Adam Buhler
Posted Thursday, October 28, 2004

Describes on-line marketing myths, and the truth about making the most of on-line marketing Smokesoft Inc.

The Truth About Affiliate Programs

The truth about affiliate programs and online marketing is that most people think that being a successful affiliate consists of purchasing their own website, pasting it with banners and links or placing a few classified ads, then sitting back and watching the money roll in………

If only it were that easy! In fact if it was I’m sure you and all your friends would likely be millionaires in the span of a few short months! Don’t give up however, there is a substantial profit to be made on the internet if you can discover an “edge”. Think about it, do you think the top marketers of today, Neil Shearing, Corey Rudl, Chuck McCullough, Marlon Sanders or Yanik Silver stumbled onto their success by placing a few newspaper ads and Collecting their millions?

No. Each of them has developed an “edge” and one of the best ways to become successful yourself is to model your efforts after someone who is already successful. What are these marketers and affiliates doing that sets them apart from the rest?

Don’t always model your efforts after what they “say” to do, instead concentrate on what it is that they are actually “doing”.

For some this may mean that they have developed a unique cutting edge product that sells like hotcakes, while others may have a popular ezine or newsletter with a huge subscriber base with which to advertise new products and affiliate programs.

In either case there are only two ways to be successful in any online Business, you either have control of a unique product, or you have established an audience with which to market to over and over again. So which Category do you fit into? If your like me then you undoubtedly fit into the latter, so your main focus is now on how to best establish an audience. This can be achieved in many ways however,

one of the best ways to establish a large group in which to promote your products is through an opt-in email list once you have established this you can continually market new products, services, newsletters and anything else in which your subscribers show interest. If you can accomplish this then you are already ahead of 95% of the rest of online affiliates and well on your way to making a comfortable living for yourself. Good luck!

Adam Buhler-

Smokesoft Inc.

Offering high profit affiliate solutions.


About the Author
Adam has been writing articles to assist people in marketing online, he is the webmaster of the Affiliate programs directory@Smokesoft Inc. and has been successfully marketing online for two years now.


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