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Three Step Marketing System and One Golden Nugget

By Doug Philp
Posted Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This is the exact system I use daily to build my business online. Practicle, simple and easy to implement today. This week I want to talk about why to focus on driving traffic to your site. Specifically, increasing unique hits even before making any offer beyond building your optin subscriber list.

By now you most likely have heard or read, 'The money is in the list.' Meaning simply that earning income with your Internet business is produced through email marketing to your subscribers.

If you are finding it rather difficult to make any income through your efforts, consider the following three step system to building your business.

First Step

Resolve to not make any real offer other than asking visitors to join your newsletter as a subscriber.

And the purpose of not making any offer is because you will otherwise be wasting your time, effort and resources. You'll go broke waiting to earn a living off of first time visitors to your site.

In my opinion, as a marketer, there is no other purpose for you to create a website other than to build a subscriber list. The only offer to make is one which entices people to subscribe.

Sure, two page mini-sites can sell products, notice though itis the affiliate who mainly promotes the mini-site. The product owner somewhere built their list first, then developed their product(s) and then offered it to their subscribers to buy. And then made these buyers affiliates to expand their business.

Bingo! - better read those last two paragraphs one more time. They are The Golden Nugget you have been searching. The Internet business model to success.

Second Step

Determine the general theme of your newsletter.

I know you are told discover your niche. I believe that is true for sure however, here is something to think about.

Maintaining a general in nature approach to increasing your subscriber count does one thing - brings in a greater number of interested subscribers.

Trust me, subscribers will weed themselves out. Some will opt out right away. Others will do so after reading a few of the newsletters you publish. And still more will seldom even open your mailing, effectively removing themselves by default.

Your job as the publisher is to hold on to that subscriber. You will have to offer valuable information, resources and experience.

The subscribers who stay are your niche. Build a relationshipwith these subscribers. Let them know you are a real individual. Don't pretend to be a guru or expert when you really are not.

Besides, I see a trend happening online. I believe the 'guru' is falling from grace in the eyes of the Internet community as a whole. And for many reasons, but mostly I see it as a revolt against being used.

I believe my responsibility as a newsletter publisher is to help my subscribers first. Everything else will take care of itself. I encourage you to take a similar approach.

Third Step

Be on the lookout for the product(s) which will truly help your subscribers build their business.

You'll not only know which products and services best fit your subscribers, you will know when it is best to make an offer in your mailing.

Certainly the very best product is one you develop yourself.

You are just going to have to trust me when I tell you this too, you will be able to develop your own unique products and services. It will come naturally as a progression of your focus on building your business.

And that focus will be on helping your subscribers as best you can.

So don't go off thinking right away about the excuses you can dream up about how you can't create and develop your own products. Doing so will only destroy your resolve. As I said, you must trust me that you will one day develop your very own product.

I'm proof. I have absolutely no programming skills. I write only so-so. Spent far to much time in the past chasing hype and threw away hundreds of dollars doing so. Yet I'm still here with my very own product too :)

Let's put it all together.

The reason to focus on building traffic to your site is for the express purpose of getting visitors to subscribe. You do not want to sell from your site - this is reserved for offers you will present to your subscribers. Reread the Golden Nugget found above.

Take a general approach to publishing your newsletter. Not necessarily avoiding a niche but rather defining yourself as time passes. You'll fall into a niche all your own in no time.

The benefit is that you are able to reach a larger audience which will help you fall into that niche. They will be the subscribers who stick with your newsletter.

In time you will be able to discover the products and services that best help your subscribers to build their businesses. Then offer those products naturally in your regular schedule of publishing. I recommend one newsletter weekly. Any more than that you run the risk of being a nuisance. You lose.

Try not to jump on every product which comes along - think about it - how many newsletters do you already receive?

You can always tell when a new 'hot' product has been released. Every publisher and their pet duck is presenting it to their subscribers. I suggest passing over the opportunity to make a few quick affiliate dollars, be selective and I am sure your subscribers will be grateful.

Doing so will make the difference in whether or not your newsletter gets read. It is really that plain.

There you have it, my overall approach to marketing online. Works very well too. One more thing - The Golden Nugget - will take years off of your Internet Marketing learning curve, if you work at implementing what I've shared.

Take it to heart.

About the Author
Copyright (c) 2003 Doug Philp Research from around the Internet - sprinkled with my experience, opinion and ideas. If you desire information that helps you make money visit: (


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