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"Top Ten Ways To Promote Your Web Site!"

By A.T.Rendon
Posted Thursday, October 14, 2004

I have been doing business online for eight years, as of this coming March, 2002. Here are the "Top Ten" methods I have used and which anyone can use, to increase traffic to your web site and email to your inbox:

1. Create an Email Signature File.

Every email you send will show people who you are, what you are doing online and where you can be contacted on the Internet. Keep it short but informative. For more on Email Signature Files, visit our web page :

"How To Use Your Signature" (

2. Register with the Top Ten Search Engines.

In less than half an hour, you can register your web site on your own with the "Top Ten" Search Engines and Directories, including Yahoo! And for FREE.

Visit at our Top Ten Search Engines site at: (

3. Place FREE Online Ads - DAILY.

Many people will tell you those online ads, either classifieds or FFA link sites, are a waste of time.

But there is a strategy that can yield you a steady and consistent flow of "QUALIFIED BUYERS". I revealed this strategy to my FBCN subscribers last July with an article entitled:

"The SECRET GOLD MINE Hidden In FFA Link Submissions" Get your own FREE copy of this article via auto-responder:

4. Apply for a Web Site Award.

Recognition always brings added exposure. And added links to your web site increase your search engine "popularity" factor which increases your ranking.

Visit my web site where you will find over 268 Web Site Awards which you can apply for FREE. You will find them under our FREE Resources section at: (

5. Link Your Web Site with Reciprocal Links

As I mentioned in the Award Sites above, some of the top search engines, like Google, will improve your web sites ranking due to the "Popularity" factor.

You can ask other web sites to swap links with you. For our FREE "Request A Link Form Letter" send to:

6. Write A Letter To The Editor.

Whenever you pick up a newspaper or magazine to read keep in mind the idea of writing in a comment to the Editor and when you sign your name include your URL.

You might just get it printed and promoted in Time magazine!

7. Improve Your Keywords.

Visit web sites similar or related to your own web site by doing a keyword search at your favorite search engine and visit the top 20 sites returned.

Research the "Keywords" used by those web sites so that you can also use them in hopes of improving your ranking.

8. Join A Web Ring.

A web ring, which links sites with similar interests, will improve your "popularity" standing for the search engines and also bring you targeted traffic.

Visit the original WebRing Organization, (, as they list 1,045,092 of such sites! I am sure you will find one to match your web site content.

9. Ever get SPAM?

Return it with a polite "Not Interested" and then let your Signature, as described above, do all of your talking.

10. Register with a Banner Exchange Program.

Banner exchange programs, of which LinkExchange is one of if not the largest and oldest online, will provide you with some traffic and again, will increase your rank at many of the top search engines.

For a FREE list of some of the top Banner Exchanges:

Follow some as many of these "Top Ten Ways To Promote Your Web Site!" and you will see a dramatic increase in the amount of traffic and email that your web presence will generate for you.

About the Author
A.T.Rendon is an entrepreneur and published writer. Subscribe to FREE Business Classifieds Newsletter & receive FREE online access to our Password Protected "FREE Submit To Over 2.7 MILLION FREE Ad Sites!" Visit us at: (


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