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Visitors for Replicate Site Owners

By Pat@Maxaid
Posted Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ah, Hah ! You've just found the Greatest Opportunity of the century.

It's a new affiliate business that offers top commission, free autoresponders, and of course your very own free replicated Website. (or page)

You have been told that all you have to do is join and you will get all this for Free, Plus you won't have to do anything, your site will be promoted in various ways and submitted to an "x" number of search engines to bring traffic to your "new" site.

I'm sorry that I should be the one to break this bad news to you. All else may work well for you and your replicated site BUT, you can forget the traffic from search engines ! It just won't happen. Why ?

All replicate and duplicate sites have identical code, info, graphics and such. The only difference is in the members I.D.numbers. This doesn't mean diddly to the search engine robot (spyder) that collects the info from web pages.

After going to a few pages that have the same info and graphics the robots that collect info from the pages recognize it as a duplicate. Then, thinking someone has submitted multiple submissions for the same page they view it as spamming .

Result, they won't list it in the directories and also Ban the main URL from any further searches.

Granted, not all traffic comes from the search engines. Depending upon the particular search engine and how high your site is in the listings, you can get as much as 30 % or more of your traffic from search engines.

How can you overcome this deficit in search engine exposure ?

Even though the search engines are ignoring your replicated website, there is a way to get traffic from them.

The solution is to build a separate page on your domain or have someone build one for you on their domain. Your page title, description, and keywords can then be optimized and submitted to the search engines.

The search engines will then consider your page as valid content and will list it in their directory. The connection here is that the special page that you've built will have links directing visitors to your replicate site.

Wala ! You have visitors from Alta Vista, Lycos, Hot Bot, Google, and much too many more to name here.

Wishing Success to the home based marketer

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