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Your Worldwide Reputation

By Geoff Caplan
Posted Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The reputation you project from an online presence is lasting and far reaching.
An important and distinctive factor to remember when weighing in all of the factors contributing to the success of your web site is your worldwide reputation.

That's right. Although your market might be vertical or local, everything you do regarding customer relationships contributes to a worldwide reputation for you and your business.

That's because your site can be viewed just as easily in the United States or Bangkok, Thailand. Any presence on the World Wide Web is truly worldwide.

This should present a unique perspective on all of your marketing objectives and the manner in which you approach customer relations. Your commitment to customer service must be responsive and wrought with integrity. You would be amazed at how fast negative information travels about a business with the availability of newsgroups, message boards and other forums. Internet users are actively engaged and not afraid to express their opinions.

The Web is a unique medium with its own unique characteristics. Consider the following:

1. Always respond to customers with clearly stated, detailed information.

2. Never misrepresent your product or service. If you can't provide what site visitors are looking for, be honest and say so.

3. "Bait and switch" online tactics are a sure road to web marketing oblivion.

4. Actively provide methods for customers and prospects to communicate with you. This includes feedback forms, polls and high visibility for email links.

5. Never ignore a customer or prospect communication.

Always consider your online marketing strategy and your actions in the long term with a view to your online marketing reputation. The benefits realized will be substantial.

About the Author
Geoff is a professional online marketing consultant and writer with nine years of continuous experience. His diversified background includes search engine marketing, e-commerce strategy and online public relations. He has lectured extensively on subjects related to online marketing and has worked for some of the Web's highest traffic brands, including eDiets and myTravelUSA.


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