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5 Overlooked, Yet Deadly Reasons WhyYour $ales Letter May Be Getting Poor Results

By Mike Jezek
Posted Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Please understand, I'm not going to list every disease that can afflict a sales letter. Rather, I'm going to display 5 response killers I sometimes see when working with clients. Is your sales letter afflicted with any of the following?

1) To Much Windup. Get to the point right away in your sales letter. Make your offer crystal clear. Try to at least do this by paragraph #2 as a general rule of thumb. Most people skim online sales letters.

2) Wordy Sentence Structure. If you're not a polished writer - odds are you have overburdened sentences. Cut out all excess and contradictory words to make your point. Wordy sentences make persuasive arguments weak. They kill response.

3) Inappropriate Use Of "Hot Words". Use "hot words" where relevant. Example: Unless you're writing about strange phenomenon in nature or health matters or supplements -- think carefully about using the word amazing, astonishing stunning, mysterious, miracle, potent, or the phrase "guaranteed to work."

4) Inappropriate use of NLP or Hypnotic Sales Techniques. Some of these techniques work. Because of the hypnotic selling craze, I'm seeing sales letters riddled with NLP and the like. Be careful. Many of these techniques are obvious - and can lead a reader to think you're playing mind games with them. The result? No sale. Just write a letter to your mom, ask for the order 3 times, back up your facts, then delete your mom's name and use the prospect's name in her place. You'll immediately gain people's trust. And close more sales!

5) An Unbalanced Sales Letter. Many people saturate their sales letters with too many exclamation points, bolding, underlining and to many font colors. Result: A hyped up sales letter decreases believability. Many people try to play the "no hype" angle. I have never written a successful sales letter with zero hype. Solution: Mix an equal portion of hype with believability and you'll see results.

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