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Tips on Effective Selling

By Scott F. Geld
Posted Monday, September 6, 2004

You have built a right product and/or service base, and got your website illuminated by great content. Now you have everything in place in terms of your product and your content, but an important question still remains the same. That is, how do you make people buy your product? Eliciting people’s interest in your business and promoting your sale is the most important thing. After all you are taking all the pain to achieve this only. After doing all the hard work to bring customers to your website, now you want them to buy the stuff you are selling. Here are a few tips on effective selling, which would help you spruce up the content of your website and the collateral
marketing material.

Writing Good Headlines

It’s no more a secret that headlines grabs people’s attention, and they are there for the very same purpose. A good headline on your website, in your email campaign, in your brochure or anywhere in your marketing activities can make people look up and take notice of. If you know which brand is associated with the line “Just do it”, then you can easily understand what is on the burner currently. So use good creative headlines to advertise your business.

Placing Links in Your Articles

Your website should have good content. I know this thing will be repeated randomly and many a times in all the articles, but this is the truth. You have to have a blend of good content with all the links in the right place. As you have affiliate programs running from your website, you should put all the links appropriately placed with the right content on the right place. Testimonials on the side bar are a good way to prove that you are selling something, which is worth buying. Getting someone to buy something makes him or her to believe that the stuff on sale is worth given a try. Testimonials can prove that.

Banner Ads

Banner advertising is a very tough way to make sales on the Internet these days. Web surfers are so used to seeing banners that they hardly even look at them. They simply pass by and move to other things. In fact its condition is so precarious that most of the banners don’t register even a 1% hit rate, which is extremely poor a performance. Only time the use of banner advertisement is suggested is when you are doing it on your own website. Also, banner exchange is becoming something like an archaic program in the web dictionary of marketing.

Selling Space to Advertisers

If your websites is getting numerous hits, you can always boast of it and get paid-advertisers to put advertisements on your website, thereby increasing your revenue. You can always start with a nominal fee – if the hits are not that grand – and then continue building goodwill. Though this type of advertising usually pays well for news sites, people start with this idea and then in turn, put that space for their affiliate marketing banner ads, as they are supposed to bring revenue based on
commission. The choice is always yours.

About the Author

Scott F. Geld is the Director of Marketing for, a company providing targeted
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