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Top 7 characteristics of much sought-after website information content

By Alwyn Botha
Posted Friday, August 13, 2004

Lots - the larger the volume of (mostly free) content you have available the better chance you have that potential customers will bookmark your website and
visit your website again.

Unique - the 'more unique' your content the better chance you have that people will bookmark your website and visit it again - they can get your unique
content ONLY from you.

Free - the larger the volume of free content you have available, the better your potential customers can clearly see your ability to meet their needs.

Relevant - the more relevant your content is to a specific customer, the better the chance they will do business with you.

Practical - the more practically useful your contents is, the better the chance potential customers will do business with you. They need practical (how to) advice they can act on.

Quality - the higher the quality of your free content, the more you stand out from the competition. Free quality content is scarce.

Needs - the better you understand and address potential customers' specific needs the better ... for them and therefore potentially for you too ... ;)

When these characteristics are used in combination their powerful effects are multiplied, for example:

Websites that want to stand out from the crowd should provide lots of unique, free (but valueable), relevant, practical (how to), quality content focussed on the

Warning ! - there is no correlation between the length of an article and its potential value to you and your business - especially when considering this article.

Think about it ... then ... act on it ...
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