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Why Dream Merchants Make More Money

By Joanne L. Mason
Posted Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Want to know the secret to creating your best sales letter ever?
All of the classic copywriters have said for ages that when you help someone else achieve their dreams that you’ll never run out of customers.

It’s true. Dream merchants always make more money. A dream merchant is someone who knows how to help you achieve your dreams. He understands the dream that you’re pursuing and can offer the necessary tools to make your dream a reality. He also knows that the fastest way to achieve his own goals is by helping you reach yours.

Think about it in everyday terms. Consider going on your dream vacation. No travel agent would ever just tell you how much a ticket to your desired location is going to cost you. Instead, the agent’s job is to sell your dream.

Travel offices are plastered with breath-taking posters of exotic locations from every corner of the globe. Whether you want to bask on the sunny beaches of Jamaica or ski the snowcapped-mountains of Montana, your travel agent can get you there. What’s more, by the time that your agent finishes painting a glorious picture of fun and relaxation in your head, you’ll be so excited that you won’t care what it costs as long as you get there.

The same principle applies to writing winning sales letters. You must appeal to the dreamer that lies inside every prospect. Help them to see your products as more than peddled goods. Build up the benefits that your product offers. Focus on fulfilling your customers desires so much that your price is seen as a minimal exchange when compared to the ultimate satisfaction of achieving their goals and dreams.

Study your niche and understand what they want. Do they want to make more money and become successful in business? Do they want to save money and feel secure? Do they want to lose weight and live healthier? Discover what exactly it is that they want.

Examine your potential customers until you understand the motivational triggers that make them buy. Use this information to become a dream merchant. Tell your customers how you can help them achieve their dreams and you’ll have an instant increase in sales.

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About the Author
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