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10 Ways To Effectively Use Autoresponders

By Ken Hill
Posted Thursday, July 15, 2004

1. Use your autoresponder to publish an ezine.

High quality autoresponders will automatically manage your subscriptions for you, follow up with your prospects at intervals you decide upon, and allow you to broadcast personalized messages to your subscriber base.

These features make autoresponders a perfect and low cost solution for creating your own newsletter that keeps your visitors informed about your products or services while also building up your credibility as an expert or resource in your field.

2. If you sell advertising space in your ezine make your price list available by autoresponder, and include this autoresponder address along with your website details within your ezine and when sending out solo ads.

3. Create your own e-mail courses that you give to your visitors by autoresponder.

Your email courses can be a series of tips that center on a topic that relates directly to your product or if you write articles you can use your articles to form the basis of your course.

Promote your business throughout your course by showing your readers how your product can benefit them (i.e., automate a tedious task, save them time, money, work, or increase their sales).

Also make known to your visitors the different features of your product, but translate these features into tangible benefits your visitors will get for purchasing your product.

4. Use your autoresponder to continue to remind your visitors of your product after they've finished your course. This will help you successfully obtain sales from people that for whatever reason put off purchasing your product.

It's also a good way to introduce new products, sales, promotions, and the products of affiliate programs you've joined to your subscribers.

5. If you write articles, make your articles available on your site by autoresponder along with your publishing guidelines.

In addition, make a list of all your articles along with their autoresponder addresses available by autoresponder, and post this address on your site and when posting your articles to article announcement lists.

This will give your visitors a handy resource to get your articles in the future, and increase the number of publishers that run your articles.

6. Use your autoresponder to create a mailing list that tells your subscribers when you've written new articles that they can run in their ezine or publish on their website.

7. If you provide a resource site for your affiliates filled with your marketing material, make your articles available by autoresponder within this site, and increase your profits by getting your articles published in your affiliates' publications and high traffic web sites.

8. Publish an affiliates only newsletter with your autoresponder.

Increase your sales by using your newsletter to tell your affiliates of any new sales you have running, of any new promotional items your affiliates can use to increase their commissions, and of any tips and techniques your affiliates can use to successfully promote your services.

9. Generate more repeat traffic by using your autoresponder to make a mailing list your visitors can subscribe to that tells them when your site is updated with new content such as new articles, resources, or ebooks.

10. Ask your visitors on your order page if they would like to subscribe to be notified of any special offers or discounts on your products in the future.

This will create a very responsive mailing list because everyone that is on it is someone that has bought your products or services in the past.

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