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Alternative to Web Site Templates and Design Software

By Cherie' Davidson
Posted Thursday, September 30, 2004

Have you been wanting your own Web site but didn't know where to begin? Or don't know HTML? Or don't feel you have a talent for this type of thing?

You're not alone in that boat. Before I discovered the concept of Web site templates, I felt woefully inadequate to build my own site. It was the old "catch-22" where I didn't have the money to pay to have a site built, I needed a site to make the money to have a professional site, and without the knowledge of how to build a site, I had no hope of getting a site.

But even templates took some degree of technical knowledge. I could get a reasonably priced site for between $40-$75 dollars generally speaking, but I had to download, mess with it and find a hosting site, domain name, learn FTP, then upload every change. Ugh! However, thanks to a new online resource I no longer have to hassle with any of that! (Can you see me smiling? No? Well, imagine it because I am!) QuickSites, designed and hosted by Pixelmation Internet Technologies, is a simple, affordable way for ANYONE to have a professional, quality Web site.

QuickSitesT are designed to allow anyone on any budget, with any technical skill level (even no technical skill level!) to have their own quality Web site. To build a QuickSite, you don't need any knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI or Plug-ins. Really, if you can use e-mail or a word processor you can use QuickSites. I've used their live demo and it's a great concept. I've just signed up and will be building my own site,

You can try their demo at ( Use the demo log-in information provided to get full, free access. I was very happy to see it is set up to literally be a "click, type and save" process, which gives me more time for my writing and marketing focus. Plus, they're offering - DOMAIN Name - Hosting - AnyWhere WebMail - Visitor Traffic Reporting - 24/7 access all included at no additional cost.

I love this easy new way to build my own new site. It just might be a great alternative for you, too. Definitely worth a peek anyway.

About the Author
Cherie' Davidson has been working as a Web copywriter and content editor for several years. Two years ago she began her own business, Suitable Words (, where she provides site development and on-line writing services. She is currently developing her two new sites, (, her directory site for low carb enthusiasts and, a fun, light look at low carbing. You may contact her at


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