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The Amazing Website Makeover For Dramatically Increasing Sales!

By Grady Smith
Posted Thursday, September 30, 2004

I hear it from clients all the time...

"If I could just increase the traffic to my website, I could start making a whole heap of money". And while this is true, bringing in quality traffic isn't always easy.

But something I discovered a while back is that traffic isn't the only way to increase my profits.

You see, I had a website that was stuck at about 100 hits a day. No matter how hard I tried at the time to increase traffic, I just couldn't break the average of 100 hits a day.

Profits were dismal. I was converting visitors into customers at the rate of about 1 for every 120 visits -- meaning I wasn't even making a sale a day!

On a $24 product ... and such a dismal conversion, I wasn't going to get rich. At that rate I was making $144 a week ... or $7,488 a year. Not enough money to live off of, I think you'll agree.

So what did I do?

I gave me website a makeover. I decided it was high time I start taking the traffic I have, and make it work for me. And what I'm about to share with you will explain exactly how I did it...

First, I added an autoresponder to my website, along with a free report that I created to assure I would get most of the prospects visiting my site to sign-up inside of my autoresponder. The first message was the free report, and then I had 6 follow-up messages that reminded prospects about my product, built credibility, and knocked down objectives to buying my product.

As soon as I did this, my conversion started to really shape up. I was converting at a much more impressive 1 sale for every 50 visits, meaning I was now making 2 sales a day WITHOUT increasing my traffic.

And then I took close to six months of intense study to learn sales letter writing (of course, if I had the money, I would of paid someone that already had done their homework to write the sales letter for me). But after those six months of study, I was able to rewrite my sales letter and instantly started pulling a 4% conversion with my letter and autoresponder, meaning for every 25 visitors I was making a sale.

At the time, my traffic was still stuck at 100 hits a day ... even after six months. But now I was making 4 sales a day, which meant $672 a week ... or $34,944 a year. Not bad ... and it was all done without increasing traffic.

So what I'm trying to say here is, traffic isn't all that you can count on for more profits from your website. I've helped people convert visitors at the rate of 1 sale for every 10 visits at times. I've heard of others doing this too. So it is very possible.

And what about backending? After learning how to write sales letters and autoresponders for myself, I was able to start backending my copywriting services. And by doing this, I was able to take a $2,800 monthly profit from my 100 hits and turn it into a $7,000 monthly profit by adding services to those that ordered my products.

It all comes down to this...

You don't need to worry about traffic. Sure ... it's a sure-fire way to make a profit from a website that makes sales. But by getting your website at a better conversion, you can always make more money with the traffic you have. Learn how to write copy. Or hire a professional. Start backending higher priced services or personal courses you can offer to your customers as a backend. Get your website to where it can support you on the hits you're getting now ... and then start doubling profits by doubling traffic once your business becomes your full-time job and you have more time to invest in promotion.

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