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10 Positive Ways to Use Email

Posted Wednesday, November 24, 2004

If you're like me, you use email... a lot! You've probably found out that some email is very useful.

Then there's the other kind.

In an attempt to encourage the positive use of email, here are ten positive ways to use email.

1.Learn. I have learned so much through email. Sign up for some of the great ezines out there, and you'll get a great education. But you can also learn about what emails appeal to you, so you can apply those principles to your own email.

2.Encourage.Email can zoom around the world at speeds we can't even comprehend.I have been encouraged by emails from around the world, encouragement I wouldn't have gotten without email.

But it's a two-way street. Send some encouragement by email today!

3. Help. I've written many times to online friends-"Help!" And they come through, usually very quickly. I try my best to make myself available online to help others as well.

4.Training. I think this is an area that we haven't even scratched the surface of yet. Training can be done by autoresponders, or in regular training emails.

5. Opt-in. In other words, "stuff that you've asked to get." Opt-in emails keep our in-box full of only the emails we want to receive, and for the sender, they know that the people receiving the email really want to receive it. It's the best way!

6.Inform. Need to let a person or group of people know about an upcoming event or an update? Email is the way! It saves paper from the endless memos being passed around and is quicker and more efficient.

7. Entertain. Joke lists are extremely popular and for good reason-people want to be entertained.I enjoy being online, and entertaining email only makes it better!

8. Keep in touch. "How's it going?" A letter's too slow, and long distance too expensive, so email is a great way to stay in touch with family, friends and associates. Have you emailed your mom today?

9. Remind. Don't tell me something and expect me to remember it--please write it down. Email can do that quite nicely. Remind people or yourself of upcoming events and dates. There are even reminder services online that will do it for you automatically, when you specify.

10. Publish your own ezine. Email has brought the power of publishing to everyone. Become an ezine publisher and make your positive impressions on the Internet. You can do it!

There you go! Keep on using email in a positive way, for an even greater online experience!

About the Author
Craig Hardee is the webmaster of (, which seeks to spotlight resources to make your time online fulfilling, profitable and fun


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