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Business Email Etiquette

By Lisa O'Connor
Posted Tuesday, September 7, 2004

If you do any type of business online you MUST realize the importance of email etiquette. When you press that send button, there's no turning back, you've just sent out your email salesperson. Who would you like to represent you and your business? A well dressed, personable, well spoken salesperson or someone in sloppy clothing, slewing slang, and spewing double negatives and run-on sentences like rain?

The impression your email message gives your customer will mean the life or death of your sale. It will determine whether you acquire a customer or a disinterested passerby who'll delete your email without a second thought.

With that said, let's look at 5 easy ways you can be sure that your email salesperson is well dressed and ready to impress.

1. Get to the point.
Don't drag out your message. A long email can be very discouraging to read. It also has a greater chance of the customer just skimming through it or deleting it altogether.

2. If you are replying to a customer, answer all questions asked.
If you don't answer all of the customer's questions in the original email, rest assured you'll most likely receive more emails regarding the questions you left unanswered! This wastes your time and the customers time. Also, it could frustrate your customer and you may possibly lose them.

3. Try to anticipate questions in advance.
Offer a little more when replying to your customer's questions. If a customer asks if you accept credit cards and which cards you accept, in your reply answer both questions and add how they may order from you. Not only will your thoughtfulness and customer care be appreciated, you will have shown you are willing to go beyond just the basics.

4. Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
This is definitely a biggie. What's worse than trying to acquire a customer through an email full of typos, bad grammar and even worse punctuation? Your email message will go straight to the trash bin. Bad punctuation will not only make your email hard to read, but may also change the meaning of your text too. Run a spell checker and re-read your message before you send it.

5. Personalize it.
Personally address your email message, if possible, and customize the contents to be as personable as you can make it. This puts the customer at ease and you'll greatly increase the chance of having your email read more thoroughly and landing the customer.

These 5 easy ways to clean up your email etiquette should help you to put your best email salesperson on the job, equipped with all the necessary tools to help you land that customer. Remember email etiquette does make a difference!

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About the Author
Lisa O'Connor is the editor and publisher of Womanhood, a free ezine dedicated to empowerment, enrichment, education and support of women from all walks of life.

She also runs a giftware business, Lisa's Gift Cottage, over 3,000 items to choose from. Giftware, collectibles, novelties and more. Let me show you how to start your own wholesale business! (


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