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Creating Message Rules in MS Outlook 2002 (XP)

By Regina Stevens
Posted Monday, November 22, 2004

Create a folder in your folder list.
NOTE: This is where your inbox is located. If you do not see this list, go to your toolbar and click on View, then Folder List

Right click on "Outlook Today" in the folder list. It should have a plus or minus sign on the left of it. If it is a plus sign, click on the sign so that you can see the other folders

If you had to click on the sign, right click on "Outlook Today" again and continue to the next step

Click on "New Folder"

Type in the name of your new folder (example, if you want all mail from your mom going into a specific folder, name the folder Mom)

Make sure that the "Folder Contains" section is the "Mail and Post Items" selection

Click on OK. The new folder is listed in your folder list now

Click on the new folder you just created

NOTE: If the preview window appears, click View on your toolbar and click on Preview Pane to close this window. If you get a virus in an email and this window is enabled, the virus will automatically open and could destroy your computer.

On the toolbar click Tools, then Rules Wizard

Click on the "New" button

Click "Start from a blank rule"

Select "Check messages when they arrive" It may already be highlighted

Click Next

Scroll down and check "with specific words in the recipient's address"

In the last white box click on the words "specific words"

Type in the email address of the person or company you want automatically placed in this particular folder
when it arrives to your email account

Click on "Add", OK, and Next

Check the "move to specified folder"
In the bottom white box click the underlined text "specified folder"

Click on the new folder you created, OK, Next

Check "turn on this rule" if it is not checked

Click Finish

You're done!! Good Luck

Regina Stevens

About the Author
Regina Stevens is the owner of Keep It Simple Websites ( She has written a few tutorials that are listed on the website to help new computer users.


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