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Email Filtering Are you receiving ALL your email?

By Jogena
Posted Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Imagine an important business deal going down the drain because your didn't get the email giving the date and time of the contract signing.

Imagine being an internet marketer and up to half of your opt-in subscriber base doesn't get your updates or ezines.

This has become a reality! On more than one occasion, I have had subscribers write me asking if I had removed them from my list since they were not receiving our newsletter anymore.

After checking my mail logs, I confirmed that each issue had indeed been sent successfully to each subscriber that asked. I can only reason that email filtering has been set up on their web host or ISP connection.

Because we try to include a lot of information in every issue, we are sure to use many of the "target words" that the filters have in place.

To get an idea of just what words or combination of words can get an email filtered out you can visit one of the actual email filter software sites at:


All is not lost though. There is a work-around to make sure you receive all your email. Instructions can be found at:


I hate junk mail as much as the next person, but it should be our choice to have our email filtered or not filtered. I don't believe this filtering is going to stop the real problem.

Only when people stop buying from junk emails will there be any real change!

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