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Hunting for Internet Tigers!

By Patrick OBrien
Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004

You are in a jungle, make no mistake about it. The Internet can be the most savage and unforgiving environment in the Business world. Many people entering this savage world get eaten, disappear. Their shoes, empty wallet, and a few well-chewed bones, are sometimes found years later, by another intrepid jungle explorer who entered the jungle a little bit better equipped.

Fiercest of all the Internet jungle denizens is the Tiger. Tigers hide behind safe-looking trees, waiting for the unwary traveler to wander in alone and unprepared. Sometimes Tigers disguise themselves by seeming to be trustworthy. Sometimes they hide behind ‘unsolicited testimonials’, and ‘smooth words’ to appear to be genuine.

The new jungle explorer will often be fooled by these disguises, and is lured into the Tigers lair to be consumed at leisure. Few new explorers escape the Internet jungle Tigers.

So how can the new Internet explorer be safe in the jungle? What defences can the explorer put up to protect herself from the Tigers? Should she carry a capsicum spray? And where are the Tigers hiding anyway?

Well the best form of defence, always, is to attack! Hunt out the Tigers! Identify them! Find them in their lairs and denounce them. The Internet Tigers don’t like to have their cover blown. Once you have identified them, they become harmless!

They hide behind words like ‘earn $30,000 in three weeks!’ or ‘get 20000 website hits f’ree!’. Another favorite is ‘I made $5000 in two weeks, give me your money and Ill show you how!’ It takes a little practice to identify a Tiger, but if you are careful, if you search closely, you can find them!

If you thoroughly check out all Internet offers that seem to be to good to true, you may find it’s a Tiger hiding behind a tree waiting to devour you and your hard earned cash. But once you have identified the tiger, they become harmless. You can turn your back on it, and keep looking for the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. It lives in the Internet jungle too!

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