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Internet Resolutions

By Larry Johnson
Posted Sunday, September 5, 2004

With the coming new year, I thought it was time to take review and make some internet resolutions for the coming year.

Now these aren't the typical kind of personal resolutions like losing weight or quitting smoking. I have in mind resolutions as they relate to the time and work each of us spends on the internet each day.

So, here goes:

-- How about dealing with others as you would want them to deal with you ? (sounds familiar doesn't it)

-- Be helpful to those who are just starting out and grasping for answers.

If you will remember, when you first started online you probably couldn't tell the difference in a browser and an ISP. There is a learning curve for everyone.

I received lots of help from others who had been online for a while. I have fun offering others help now.

--- Managing my time better is a "biggie" for me. It just seems that there are not enough hours in the day.

Although I must admit that it is very easy for me to become distracted while I am working at a task on the internet. I find myself clicking on a link to check out a site and before I know it, I am surfing around to all kinds of new places.

-- Give more time to family and friends. This really goes along with the one above. Our families deserve some of our time each day. Mine demands it.

Plan your activities for each facet of your life in order to devote some to work, to family and to time for relaxation.

-- Listening better to what others are saying. I should be able to paraphrase what others say and repeat it back to them to their satisfaction.

-- Answer E-mails promptly. Seems like an impossible task some days with the deluge of mail we receive. However, if you will just set aside some time for this task, you can accomplish it.

While this list is not all of the potential resolutions that I could make, it is a starting place for you and me to examine ourselves and make needed changes.

The new year brings with it whole world of new opportunities. Here's hoping that each of us can approach it with some resolutions of our own and a positive attitude to make things better for all.

Happy new year...


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