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Is the Internet Stuck?

By Toby Beavers
Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004

Nobody wants to talk about this but the Internet is stuck. New studies show that Internet growth is stalling. Why? Only 46% of Americans have a PC in their home. Without higher PC usage, the Net will have a hard time growing to predicted levels.

Most of us know in our hearts exactly why PC makers are having a hard time getting over half the population to spring for a computer. Home computers are confusing and time consuming for many of us. Your new computer can develop a glitch within hours of purchase and wind up being a dusty boat anchor sitting in the corner.

Here Come Easy "Internet Appliances"

Experts have recently started to predict that designers will solve this problem by creating lots of "Internet Appliances." Instead of having to configure your PC's email program, you will plug in your "Email Appliance"--simply designed to do one thing well.

You can compare this to the original "House Engine" that was supposed to run everything in the kitchen through a complex system of ropes and pulleys (you'll have to ask your Grandmother about that one <g>). Eventually designers wised up and replaced the big one-size-fits-all "House Engine" with today's mixers, blenders, coffee makers and more that do one job easily and well.

One excellent example of how computer technology can be made easy for the average consumer is the PC-DEC-IDM System 7. It cleverly combines a powerful PC with a TV, letting people do video conferencing, digitally edit video and audio, participate in the stock market, and many more highly advanced features.

Designers figured if people weren't afraid to use their VCR or microwave, the secret to getting more people to use computer technology in the home would be to make it as EASY as using a VCR.

Watch for computer technology to move in this direction at an increasing rate. If your copy of Windows just crashed for the second time today, this is good news for you.

About the Author:
Toby Beavers specializes in cutting-edge technology that combines computers and the Internet for innovative home enjoyment. Contact him for more information on the PC-DEC-IDM System 7 and see his site at (
Ask about the exciting home business opportunity. Reach Toby at 804-245-9199 or email


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