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It Can't Happen to Me.....Can It?

By Denise Hall
Posted Sunday, September 5, 2004

We all know scams abound on the internet. The types we're probably most familiar with are the "get rich quick" schemes and the "Nigerian scam" letters. If you're smart and you've done your homework you'll steer clear of both.

But other types of fraudulent activity take place that we don't think about as often. In fact, we might not think about them at all until it happens to us or someone we know.

Do you know how easy it is for someone to steal your credit or debit card number and buy things that *you'll* be charged for?

True Story:

A friend of mine recently found a purchase on her debit card that neither she, nor her husband, had made. $75 was *stolen* from their bank account!

True Story:

Another friend discovered two $38 charges on her credit card statement that she hadn't made. The purchases had been made over the internet, but she had never bought anything online. Actually, the only thing she *ever* used that particular credit card for was to put gas in her car!

Did you know that customers can order a product or service from you, receive what they paid for, then tell their bank, credit card company or third party internet payment processor that they *never* made that purchase?

True Story:

*Two* of my friends, who own ad co-ops, received orders from customers for ezine advertising. The ads went out to the ezine readers, then the customers claimed they hadn't made the purchases!

It's highway robbery. No, make that "The Information Highway" robbery. But don't think it only happens online. It's been happening for years offline, as well.

These scenarios, and others, happen every single day. Are you prepared when it's *your* turn?

That's what I thought. You've never considered these things before, have you?

We're *all* at risk for this type of theft. Online and offline it's possible for each and every one of us to be ripped off by scam artists.

Internet business owners are especially at risk because, with the technology of computers, people really *can* make fraudulent purchases easily. They can also request fraudulent refunds just as easily.

As an online business owner you can find yourself with a real dilemma. How do you know that the person who's buying your product is the true owner of that credit card? How do you know that once a customer receives your product they won't falsely request a refund?

It's not an easy situation, is it? It falls into the catagory of "things that make you go hmmmmmm..." doesn't it?

There are methods you can apply to help you avoid such circumstances. There are also steps you can take to recoup your money if you're a victim of fraud.

For your own safety, please be sure you take measures to protect your personal money and your business profits. For more information you can get an excerpt from the e-book, Get Inside the Minds of Scam Artists! Discover the Tricks of Their Trade! by sending an e-mail to this address:

About The Author
Denise Hall is the owner of Home Business on a Budget which specializes in tools and resources for your home business needs. Visit ( today. Subscribe to Home Business on a Budget Newsletter for weekly articles, tips, information and resources. To Subscribe


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